Resistant Me

ResistantMe-01Resistant Me is a female-fronted rock band from San Jose, CA, formed in 2007. The members are Cyn Acevedo (vocals), Nate Lindsey (drums), Steve Bealey (guitar), and Anthony Barbaria (bass). I’m always looking out for new bands to listen to, female-fronted or otherwise. And, I wish I had the time to post about all of the promising new bands I’ve stumbled upon.ResistantMe-02 Well, Resistant Me is one of those bands. And, their bass player Anthony kindly invited me to check them out on their Bandcamp page. Luckily, I liked what I heard.

Resistant Me‘s first album, Bad Girl Rehab (2007), was filled with ultra-catchy power girl pop, and songs like “Ready”, “Bad Girl Rehab” and, especially, “Time Is Now” would fit perfectly on a playlist with songs from Damone‘s power poppin’ first album, From the Attic (2003). And, “Don’t Tell (Promise)” and “Teenage Crush” are my guilty pleasures! Anyway, that was then, and this is now. Resistant Me is back with a new 4-track demo EP, 3012 (2012), and a new harder rocking, more mature sound. The gritty “Rockstar” is definitely a great track, and I’ve been spinning it endlessly. I love these lines: “Baby I’m a rockstar / High above a pornstar / They don’t want to do me / Yet they wish they were me.” This song would be a hit in a perfect world. “Heartbreaker” (not the Pat Benatar tune although I wouldn’t have been surprised) is the next best track, but all 4 are good, and I’ll be looking forward to a full album with this band’s new edgier sound.

Watch the video for “Rockstar” from the new EP here:

And, watch the video for “Ready” from the first album here:

Resistant Me Discography
2007 – Bad Girl Rehab [Album]
2012 – 3012 (Demo) [EP]

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