The Dolly Rottens

DollyRottens-01AThe Dolly Rottens is an American pop/rock band from Seattle, WA. The band was formed in 2009 by Darci Carlson (vocals, guitar) and Geneva Butler (vocals, guitar). The girls are, currently, joined by Dan Infecto (bass) and Nicholas Aukland (drums). They say: “If you like The Runaways, Hole, The Donnas, Juliette and The Licks, early Descendants, The Raveonettes… You’ll love the catchy, sassy, rock n roll edge of The Dolly Rottens.” And, Spinnerette, Social Distortion and The Pretty Reckless are some of the artists they also like, so yeah, I’m all in. The Dolly Rottens is another one of those fresh new bands, too many to count, that I wish I had more time to post about.DollyRottens-05 They play rootsy, pop/rock rock with a bit of country and punk influences. Just do the math: Dolly Parton + Johnny Rotten = The Dolly Rottens. I think these girls are my new favorite rock band!

The Dolly Rottens‘ debut EP Honeymoon’s Over, released June 6, 2013, is the result of “countless days and nights have been spent writing songs about [Darci and Geneva’s] ex’s, broken hearts, and getting fucked up.” I always say, their pain is my pleasure. I downloaded this EP when it was released, and I thought it was good, but I must have been really into something else, so I set it aside. But, now, after listening again, I am loving this band and wondering what I missed the first time round! That happens often, actually. This EP is 6 tracks of awesome coolness! Listen and pick your own favorite. “Temporary Girl” and “Easy” reverberate with a Stooges influence, while “Bad Company” and “Fire” recall the rootsy pop/rock of The Gin Blossoms, and “The Ruiner”, my favorite track, sort of reminds me of Cheetah Whores. All good influences. And, the last track, “Indian Summer”, is just an awesome acoustic ballad.

Watch the video for “Temporary Girl” here:

DollyRottens-03BDollyRottens-02BThe Dolly Rottens Discography
2013.06.06 – Honeymoon’s Over [EP]

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