Lilith [SP]

LilithSP-01Lilith is a female-fronted hard rock band from Barcelona, Spain, formed in 2002. The members are Agnes (vocals), Albert (guitar), Rafa (bass) and Joan (drums). Lilith is also a mostly all-female gothic rock band from Medellín, Colombia,LilithSP-02 but this post is about Spain’s hard rockers. Lilith plays hard, sometimes sleazy, rock with big riffs and infectious hooks, and some punk attitude. They say that their rock is dirty because society is dirty. Lilith, in Spain, has opened for international artists like AC/DC, Staind, Zwan (w/Billy Corgan), Bryan Adams(!), The Darkness, The Pretenders, and Iggy Pop, among others, and national artists like Barricuda (a similar old school hard rock band), Killer Barbies (a cool pop/punk band!), among many others (that I am not familiar with).

LilithSP-03No te (translation: “don’t give up”), released in 2007, is, according to Lilith via Google Translate, “the first chapter of a thematic trilogy.” They say that “the main theme is the fear approached from different points of view and as a defensive weapon rockLilithSP-06 and protector to the devastating effect they produce female fears, human and society over the individual and their identity.” Yeah, and it rocks! No te is an impressive debut filled with driving hard rock riffs, addictive shout-along choruses, and Agnes’ coarse vocals. My favorite hard rockers are the first two tracks “No” and “El Amor Duele”, “Mentir”, “El Banquete” and “Casada”. Agnes mentions Kurt Cobain in that last song, then the band honors Nirvana‘s sound in the bass-driven “Espejo”. But, the best track is the power ballad “Y Yo”. Awesome (he says as he holds his cigarette lighter up in the air, swaying)! Finally, “Detrás de Ti” is a cool acoustic ballad, while the final track, “Venus”, is an epic grunge ballad.

Watch the videos for “El Amor Duele” and “Espejo” here:

Sal Si Puedes (translation: “salt if you can” ?), released in 2009, is the second part of said thematic trilogy. They say that “this time the focus is the process of corruption of the individual as it is absorbed by the social gear, the lure of materialismLilithSP-07 and illusion-trap are social conventions rituals enslave us absurd and false truths. Riding Hood eventually becomes the wolf, adapt or die. And man is a wolf to man.” Yeah, and it rocks! My favorite hard – wait! Did you watch the video for “El Amor Duele” that I embedded above? No? Watch it. Anyway, on Sal Si Puedes, my favorite hard rockers are “Dios”, “El Hombre del Saco”, “Todo Es Nada”, “Vestido”, and the ZZ Top-esque “Adiós”. “Pelis Porno” incorporates more male vocals. But, as for ballads, which were stellar on No te, there are only two: “Olvido” and “Nana”. The slow-burning “Olvido” is excellent, while the “Nana”, an acoustic ballad, not so much. Sal Si Puedes is cool sequel to No te So, where’s the third part?

Watch the videos for “Todo Es Nada” and “Pelis Porno” here:

LilithSP-04Lilith Discography
2007 – No te [Album]
2009 – Sal Si Puedes [Album]

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