Girlie Hell

GirlieHell-02Girlie Hell is an all-female metal/hard rock band from Goiânia, Brazil, formed in 2007. The band is Bullas Attekita (vocals/guitar), Julia Stoppa (guitar), Fernanda Simmnds (bass) and Carol Pasquali (drums). They say: “All-female, raw vocals, remarkable riffs and lots of distortion.”GirlieHell-01 They are recommended if you like all-female hard rock bands such as Crucified Barbara (whom they’ve opened some shows for in 2012), The Donnas and Girlschool. They also cite as influences Kittie, L7, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, and others. Girlie Hell‘s album Get Hard! (2012) and their latest single “Winter” (2013) are available as free downloads via their website, so check ’em out. Oh, and Girlie Hell, unlike most other Brazilian rock bands that I love, sing entirely in English, not Portuguese.

GirlieHell-03BOn Get Hard! (2012), Girlie Hell delivers on the “raw vocals” and “remarkable riffs”, with hooks just strong enough for their brand of hard rock, which fits perfectly in between Crucified Barbara‘s crunchy metalGirlieHell-10-CD and The Donnas‘ catchy hard rock. “Fire” (with an official video) is, as its title suggests, a blazing hard rocker, but “Walk Away” (with an official webclip) and “Burnin’ it All” are this album’s best tracks. Both kick out addictive riffs and infectious melodies. “Girlies Night” is a fun glammy rocker, while “Black Dreams” and “Shadows” offer some darker metal. Now, the best tracks and my favorite tracks are not always the same. In this case, my favorite track is the last one, “Drunk”, whose badass riff drives a tale of a one-night stand. Bullas confesses the next morning: “I was a little drunk / I said I was in love with you / Sorry baby … I didn’t mean it was true.” Love that song! And, I love the video for the new single, “Winter”, too!

Watch the video for “Fire” and the webclip for “Walk Away” here:

And, watch the awesome video for “Winter” here:

GirlieHell-04Girlie Hell Discography
2008 – Shake Your Ass [EP]
2012 – Get Hard! [Album]
2013 – “Winter” [Single]

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