“That book will fuck you up!”

ChucksEI work for the US Department of Defense and, this week, my furlough begins, which means that I, as an employee of the Federal Government, must take one day off each week, without pay, for the next 11 weeks. Sucks for me.ToddEvil-02-2 But, last week, on my doorstep, I found a package from Amazon and inside, as expected, was Todd & the Book of Pure Evil: The Complete Second Season on DVD. Life is good now (for at least 286 minutes). Thank you, Canada.

So, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil is a Canadian (obviously) comedy/horror TV series that ran for two seasons (2010-2012) on the Space Channel. The show concerns Crowley High student Todd (Alex House), a stoner, and his friends, dorky Curtis (Billy Turnbull), hot Jenny (Maggie Castle) and brainy Hannah (Melanie Leishman), as they attempt, each week, to seek and destroy the cursed Book of Pure Evil, which grants the wishes of those who hold it, resulting in unintended consequences rife with bloodshed and death. Guidance Counselor Atticus Murphy Jr (Chris Leavins), a member of a Satanist cult that secretly founded the town, wants to find the book, too, but for the cult’s nefarious purposes. The show is hysterically funny, often gory and always cool as Hell!ToddEvil-02-1 Plus, Jason Mewes, Jay of Jay and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), plays Jimmy the Janitor, who offers Todd advice on finding the book, getting laid and getting high. In season one, Todd and his gang encountered zombie rock stars, fat monsters, stupid smoke, mammoth members, giant babies, and other assorted pure evil things!

I watched and loved the first season a year ago, and waited, patiently, for season two to be released and, now, it has been. But, until I watch all 13 episodes, let me tell you about my favorite episode from season one. It’s called “Terrible Twin Turf Tussle” (episode 7). In this episode, Jenny is seduced by feminist lesbian Delilah (Katie Strain) and a steamy relationship begins, as Jenny questions her sexuality. However, Delilah’s twin sister Britney (Karissa Strain) becomes jealous of the relationship and uses the Book of Pure Evil to create a clone of herself to replace Dee. But, the clone kills Britney and creates more Britney clones who attack Dee.ToddEvil-03 But, then, Dee finds The Book, creates clones of herself, and a battle royale ensues in the school’s hallways.

I love this episode for so many reasons. First, Katie Strain. Sure, actresses Katie and Karissa Strain are identical twin sisters, for real, but I find Katie much more attractive than Karissa. However, I don’t know which one is which in the picture of the two of them! But, in the episode (and this other picture), it’s easy – Katie is Dee, the feminist lesbian. I love when Dee, sexy as Hell, shows up in Crowley High’s hallways with the Book to save Jenny from the five Britney clones. “Get away from her you bitch!” Dee warns. “No Dee!” Jenny yells.ToddEvil-04C “That book will fuck you up!” she adds. “It’s too late,” Dee responds, snaps her fingers and four Dee clones, all sexy as Hell, join her, ready to fight.

And, I love, in the end, when Jenny and the gang find Dee, lying on the floor, dead. “Dee!” Jenny cries, rushing to her side. “I’m so sorry, Dee. I couldn’t be what you needed me to be and I feel like this is partly my fault.” Then Todd points out another Dee, lying on the floor, down the hall, dead. “Dee!” Jenny cries, rushing to her side. “I’m so sorry, Dee. I couldn’t be what you needed me to be …” Then, Curtis points out yet another Dee, down the hall, dead. “Dee!” Jenny cries, but Todd stops her. “Whatever,” she sighs. “Let’s just go find the book!” she adds, reluctantly.

Oh, and I love, earlier, when Todd confronts Jenny about her daddy issues which were the catalyst for her sexual experimentation, since Todd is just a horn dog lusting after her. He says, sincerely, “We’re here for you, and I’m here for you.” Then, he adds, “Even if you are a carpetmuncher.”

Finally, I love this episode because of the song that plays during the Dee and Britney clone fight sequence. It’s called “Glory” by Canadian dance/punkers You Say Party! We Say Die!. So, who exactly is You Say Party! We Say Die! (who are currently known only as You Say Party), you wonder? Well …


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