The BlackSheeps

BlackSheeps-01AThe BlackSheeps is a female-fronted punk rock band from Nesseby, Norway, formed in 2008. The members are, currently, Agnete Johnsen (vocals), Emelie Nilsen (guitar), Nikolaj Gloppen (bass) and Simon Stenvoll Pedersen (drums).BlackSheeps-02 Gloppen and Pederson replaced original members Alexander Touryguin (bass) and Viktoria Eriksen (drums) in 2010. The BlackSheeps competed in Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2008 and won with their song “Oro jaska, beana” (translation: “Be Quiet, Dog”). MGP Jr 2008 was a televised talent competition for children aged 8-15. Yes, The BlackSheeps are just kids. They went on to compete in and win the Melodi Grand Prix Nordic 2008. However, the band ended up in second place, as young adults, at Melodi Grand Prix 2011. The BlackSheeps are recommended if you like fellow Norwegians Jane Helen or Sweden’s Norma Bates.

BlackSheeps-06The BlackSheeps self-titled debut (2009) opens with “Punk Revolution” which seems to be a declaration. Yeah, the band’s average age in 2009 was 15 years, 9 months, but this album is not tweeny pop.BlackSheeps-04 Neither is it hardcore punk. The BlackSheeps are somewhere in between, and they demand to be taken seriously. “Punk Revolution” is classic ’70s New York punk, like Blondie meets the Ramones. Other good tracks are the Stooges-esque proto-punker “Tales From The Forest”, the moodier alternative rocker “Nightmare” and the ballad “Bak Skyen”. But, my favorite track is “Rain In Aarhus”, a punky tale of unrequited love and heart break: “Did you kiss her? I don’t know / But I knew that you wanted her.” They also cover Herman’s Hermits“No Milk Today”. ’60s pop and ’70s punk from ’90s kids. Pretty cool.

Watch The BlackSheeps perform “Tales From The Forest” live here

BlackSheeps-07The BlackSheeps Discography
2009 – The BlackSheeps [Album]


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