Lori! Lori!

LoriLori-01ALori! Lori! is a female-fronted Russian alternative rock band from Moscow, formed in 2009. The band is led by Masha Lori (vocals), with “four energetic boys” joining her: Vic (guitar), Andrew (bass), Alexander (guitar), and Max (drums).LoriLori-02 Lori! Lori! is comparable to Louna (but not Tracktor Bowling), and other female-fronted Russian artists like Крапива, Светотень and, especially, Блондинка Ксю. But, of course, those names mean nothing if you’re not into the Russian rock scene, so Lori! Lori! is recommended if you like bands they’ve toured with such as Skillet and Eyes Set To Kill. The band has released one album, Всё неправильно (Everything Is Wrong), in 2011, but a follow-up, titled Меланхолия (Melancholia) is scheduled for release in September 2013.

LoriLori-04image descriptionLori! Lori!‘s debut album is a fine set of Russian alternative rock. Masha’s voice is not as strong as Lou’s (of Louna), but it works with her band’s driving, hook-heavy alt-rock. Masha, by the way, sings (almost) entirely in Russian. Videos were made for three songs. The first, “Полчаса”, is Lori! Lori!‘s most popular track. The song was even re-recorded in English (“30 Minutes to Rock”), with the same video, but I prefer the original Russian version. “Солнечный Удар”, an awesome ballad, and “Пусть сердце бьется”, a grunge rocker, are the other two with videos. Elsewhere, “Корабли” and “Последний день” are two very Louna-esque rockers, while the last track, “Без любви внатяжку”, my favorite, reminds me of Foo Fighters.

Watch the three videos here:

LoriLori-07Lori! Lori! Discography
2011 – Всё неправильно (Everything Is Wrong) [Album]
2013(?) – Меланхолия (Melancholia) [Album]

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