The Indecent

Indecent-01The Indecent are an American alternative rock band based in New York City, NY. The Indecent, started in 2008, are triplets Emily (vocals), Madeline (bass), and Bo (guitar) Brout, from NYC, and Nicholas Burrows (drums), from Windsor, Ontario.Indecent-02 They say their music is “aggressive, subtle, poetic, noisy, and quite often all these things at once.” They cite as influences Patti Smith, the Gits, the Velvet Underground, Barrett‘s Floyd, and many Seattle-type things,” as well as the Sex Pistols, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana. The Brout triplets were born in 1994, the year Kurt Cobain died, and, yeah, The Indecent smell a lot like teen spirit. I first heard this band on Last Call With Carson Daly and fell almost instantly for their tuneful “loud NOISES.”

Indecent-03The Indecent self-released their first album, Her Screwed Up Head, in 2010. Two videos, from the album, were also produced, followed by additional songs, and two more videos. The Indecent were signed to Warner Bros. in 2011,Indecent-04 and their latest EP, Control, was released in 2012. On their EP, more so than their album, The Indecent sound like Nirvana reborn, kicking out angsty grunge for a whole new generation. If you doubt, just listen to “Lucky Ones” or “25 Steps”. But, The Indecent infuse enough of their own style to keep it from being just derivative, particularly with Emily Brout’s distinctive off-kilter vocal delivery. I love this EP, every song, including the hidden track which is a brief chaotic instrumental (which apparently is titled “Mating Call”). Currently, the band is performing on the Vans Warped Tour ’13, but, hopefully a new full-length is in the works.

Watch some of The Indecent‘s videos here:

Indecent-05The Indecent Discography
2010.06.15 – Her Screwed Up Head [Album]
2012.09.18 – Control [EP]

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