Lipstick-01Lipstick is an all-female Brazilian rock, pop/rock band from ABC Paulista, São Paulo. Lipstick was Mel Ravasio (vocals), Dedê Soares (guitar), Carol Navarro (bass), Mi Oliveira (keyboards) and Tila Gandra (drums). Currently, Lipstick is Ravasio and Soares, with Fernanda Horvath (bass).Lipstick-04 The band was formed in 2003 by Oliveira and Granda, but vocalist Ravasio joined in 2005. They cite as influences The Donnas, Papa Roach, Story of the Year, Kelly Clarkson, Alanis Morissette.” Lipstick is recommended if you like other Brazilian pop/rock bands like CW7 or Agnela. Lipstick, with their original 5-member line-up, released two excellent albums, Lipstick (2007) and Roquenroll (2010). In 2013, Lipstick, as a trio, released their current single, “Lado B”, and, hopefully, a third album will be forthcoming. Lipstick, like most Brazilian rock bands, sings in Portuguese.

Lipstick-02Lipstick-09Lipstick‘s self-titled debut (2007) is yet another great album, from Brazilian rock chicks, filled with infectious punky pop/rock from start to finish. The excellent first single, “Cada Segunda Que Tunha”, preceded the album’s release, while “Temporal” and “Na Na Na” followed. The latter is a cover of a song originally by a Brazilian power pop band called Wonkavision. Yeah, I never heard of them either. Those are the singles, but, of course, I have my own favorites, like “Eu Sei”, which is included, with “Cada Segunda Que Tunha”, as excellent acoustic bonus tracks. Other favorite are the Pitty-esque “Tempo Livre”, the grungy rockers “Algo Restou” and “Superficial”, and the power ballad “Hoje Pensei Em Você”. But, the rest are worth hearing, too. Watch the videos for the singles here:

Lipstick-06Lipstick-10Lipstick‘s follow-up, Roquenroll (2010) is as good as their debut. However, on some songs, the pop outweighs the rock. The best of these poppier tracks is “Esquisito”. Try not tapping your foot to that tune! The singles “Simples Assim” and “Eu Vo Pro Roquenroll” are similar poppy rockers, while “Muito Em Mim”, a favorite, is a power ballad. “Sempre Quis” and “Lágrimas” are two more cool ballads, while “LFC (Lipstick Futebol Clube)” are awesome punky rockers. But, my favorites are bouncy rocker “Diz Pra Mim”, hooky power popper “A Falta”, and, of course, “Muito Em Mim”. Both albums are filled with awesome goodness. Watch the videos for the singles here:

LipstickTrio-01Lipstick, since becoming a trio, has released two singles “Penso Mais em Mim” and “Lado B”, with videos, as well as a video for their cover of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe”. Check them out here:

LipstickTrio-04Lipstick-05Lipstick Discography
2007 – Lipstick [Album]
2010 – Roquenroll [Album]

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