Lauren Harris

LaurenH-03Lauren Harris is a female British solo rock vocalist. She is also the oldest daughter of Iron Maiden bassist and founder Steve Harris, and was discovered singing in a London pub by British producer Russ Ballard who didn’t even know who she was. In 2006 and 2007, Harris and her band (featuring Richie Faulkner, who eventually joined Judas Priest, on guitar, and Randy Gregg on bass)LaurenH-01 supported Iron Maiden on tour, and, in 2008, she released her debut solo album, Calm Before The Storm. In 2011, Lauren Harris formed the band Six Hour Sundown with Tommy Gentry (guitar), James Bennet (guitar), Mitch Witham (bass) and Olly Smith (drums).

Calm Before The Storm is a good album, for sure. However, if you’re a fan of her father’s band, you probably won’t think so. The album opens, decievingly, with the hard rocking AC/DC-esque “Steal Your Fire”. Great song, but, if you like it, you may want to skip the rest of the album and listen to Harris’ new band. The rest of the album is not hard rock, or metal, but melodic rock and even classic power pop. “Your Turn” and “Get Over It” are insanely infectious pop/rockers, but, I wonder how fans of Iron Maiden, at the shows her band opened for them, would have responded to her if she wasn’t who she was. I happen to like this album a lot, but, I’m not a (big) fan of Iron Maiden. Anyway, other good tracks are “Let Us Be”, whose riff reminds me of “Calling Dr. Love” (KISS), and “Hit Or Miss”, whose riff reminds me of “Fly By Night” (Rush). And, “You Say” is definitely the best power ballad. Finally, I lied. If you liked “Steal Your Fire”, you’ll also like the hard rocking hidden track, “Natural Thing”, which hints at the sound Harris embraced with Six Hour Sundown.

Watch the videos from Calm Before The Storm here:

LaurenH-04BLaurenH-02Lauren Harris (Solo) Discography
2008.06.10 – Calm Before The Storm (US Release) [Album]


SixHour-01OK, so Lauren Harris’ solo album isn’t exactly hard rock or heavy metal, but her latest single “Jekyll & Hyde” is a step closer. The single is a Mötley Crüe-esque rocker, and I love it! I’m looking forward to more from this band!

Watch the video for “Jekyll & Hyde” and “Shadow of My Past” here:

SixHour-02Six Hour Sundown Discography
2011.12.04 – “Jekyll & Hyde” [Single]
2013 – ??

One response to “Lauren Harris

  1. I can’t imagine the pressures and obstacles Lauren has to cross because of her last name and it’s sad that her art has to constantly be in comparison and overshadowed because of her DNA. In fact, I actually believe her last name may be doing more harm to her career than good. She is not her father. She has her own vision, her own identity, and she actually has a lot of chutzpah. I truly hope that one day she can find her own own ground with no one’s shoes to fill but her own.

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