Luxuslarm-01Luxuslärm is a female-fronted German alternative pop/rock band from Iserlohn, formed in 2006. The members, currently, are Janine “Jini” Meyer (vocals), Freddy Hau (guitar), David Müller (bass), Chris Besch (keyboard) and Jan Zimmer (drums).Luxuslarm-02 Hau, Müller and Besch replaced founding members Henrik Oberbossel (guitar, vocals), David Rempel (keyboard, guitar) and Eugen Urlacher (bass) in 2011. Luxuslärm (which translates as “Luxury Noise”) actually began as a cover band called Blue Cinnamon in 2003, but eventually decided to write original music. Their tuneful alternative pop/rock is very similar to that of another female-fronted German band, Silbermond. The only difference is that Janine Meyer is a blonde and Stefanie Kloss (of Silbermond) is a brunette. Well, that’s an unfair assessment. Yes, the bands have a similar sound, but, it’s a good sound, and each adds their own style. I love both bands, but, right now, I love Luxuslärm a little more only becuase I’m listening to them as I write this post. Other similar German bands are Juli and Wir Sind Helden, and Austrian-born pop/rock singer Christina Stürmer.

Luxuslarm-10Luxuslärm‘s first album, 1000 km bis zum Meer, was released in 2008, with two excellent singles: the infectious “1000 km bis zum Meer” and the Evanescence-esque “Unsterblich”. The debut was voted the best German language CD album of 2008, and Luxuslärm was voted best rock band and best pop band of 2008. Since this album is stocked full of good tracks, I’ll rank my top 5 favorite non-singles: (5) “Hier Bin Ich”, (4) “Was Ist Mit Mir”, (3) “Von jetzt an” (the best ballad), (2) “Du Gehst Jetzt Besser”, and finally, (1) “Zeichen”. But, the two singles rank ahead of these tracks. Watch the videos for those singles here:

Luxuslarm-11Luxuslärm‘s second album, So laut ich kann, was released in 2010, with four singles: “Sag es wie es ist!”, “Leb deine Träume”, “Nichts ist zu spät” and my favorite “Vergessen zu vergessen”. This album, overall, is my favorite of this band’s three releases to date. So, again, I’ll rank my top 5 favorite non-singles: (5) “Letzter Tag”, (4) “Regen”, (3) “Sie sieht es nicht”, (2) “Jemand anders sein”, and finally, (1) “Feuer”. Most of these are ballads, so I’ll add: (6) “Schrei so laut ich kann”. The singles are good, too, but only “Leb deine Träume” and “Vergessen zu vergessen” rank ahead of these tracks. Watch those videos here:

Luxuslarm-07Luxuslarm-12Luxuslärm‘s latest album, Carousel, was released in 2011, with three singles: “Atemlos”, “Mehr Gewicht”, and my favorite “Liebt sie dich wie ich?”. OK, so I changed my mind, just now, as I listened to this album to rank my favorite non-singles. Carousel is now my favorite Luxuslärm album, overall. Anyway, my top 5 favorite non-singles are: (5) “Carousel”, (4) “Über Uns Der Himmel”, (3) “Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens”, (2) “Ich Beweg’ Mich Hier Nicht Weg”, and finally, (1) “An Dich”. And, again, let’s add: (6) “Irgendwo Da Draußen”. But, of course, “Atemlos” and “Liebt sie dich wie ich?” rank ahead those tracks. Watch those videos here:

Luxuslarm-04Luxuslärm Discography
2008.10.03 – 1000 km bis zum Meer [Album]
2010.01.29 – So laut ich kann [Album]
2011.09.16 – Carousel [Album]

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