The Scarlets

Scarlets-01The Scarlets are a female-fronted Australian hard rock band from Melbourne. The band was “originally conceived” in 2009 by Nelli Scarlet (vocals) and Nick Ivka (bass), with Anth Nekich (guitar) and Lizzie Dynon (drums). They take “the raw, combustible energy of bands such as The Hives, Turbonegro and The Distillers,” throw inScarlets-05B “the pop sensibilities of Cheap Trick,” and add “an over the top stage show.” I haven’t seen them perform live, but, on record, The Scarlets kick out infectious, ass kickin’ hard rock driven by Nelli’s big booming voice.

Nelli Scarlet, who stands 6-feet-tall (just like Tucky Williams!), is not only a singer, but once was a fashion model and currently is a photographer. Check out her “fine art, fashion and music photography” here. Her blog is pretty cool, too [click on her name]. But, there’s more! She also starred as killer vixen Beretta in the awesome low-budget “ozsploitation” horror film El Monstro del mar! Read more about that retro cool B-movie on my new blog Girls, Guns & Zombies! Oh, and, she was voted one of the “Hottest Tattooed Women in Rock” by Inked Australia/NZ Magazine in 2011. Sadly, according to the band’s website, they have “parted ways” with Nelli and are “currently speaking to potential new vocalists.” But, if you have a band named The Scarlets, how do you go on without Nelli Scarlet?

Scarlets-03The Scarlets have released two excellent EPs, to date, with Nelli Scarlet: Blow Your House Down (2010) and Bombshell (2011). The videos for “Dirty Rock Baby” (from Blow Your House Down) and “Bombshell” (from Bombshell) were directed by Australian filmmaker Stuart Simpson,Scarlets-06 who directed Nelli in El Monstro del Mar! In addition, drummer Lizzie Dynon had a role in Simpson’s short film Acid Spiders. Anyway, both of those songs are pretty damn badass, and, in the videos, Nelli, with the “longest legs you’ve ever seen,” is sexy as Hell! But, of course, I have other favorites. “Liar Liar”, from Blow Your House Down, is, hands down, my favorite track, and the title track is the best damn re-telling of the “Three Little Pigs” story ever! On Bombshell, however, the title track is my favorite, but “Scapegoat” and “Out of Here” are good, too. Oh, and, “Run Away” from Blow Your House Down is awesome! Great band! Hopefully, Nelli Scarlet will continue to sing, and, hopefully, the band will find a new (female) singer. I’ll definitely be listening for both. Watch the videos for “Dirty Rock Baby” and “Bombshell” here:

Scarlets-02The Scarlets Discography
2010.06.25 – Blow Your House Down [EP]
2011.08.13 – Bombshell [EP]

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