No More Tear

NoMoreTear-01ANo More Tear (aka NMT) is a female-fronted pop/rock band from Bangkok, Thailand. The members, currently, are FukFang (vocals), Chay (guitar), Tae (bass), and Ice (drums). A fifth member, Meng (guitar), left the band in 2010. NMT, originally named Imaginary Lie, was signed to GMM GrammyNoMoreTear-02B (the largest entertainment company in Thailand), in 2007, and has, to date, released two full-length albums: Yellow Light (2008) and Look at the Sky (2013).

My love of Asian rock music started, ten years ago, in Japan, but soon after, I found myself in South Korea, then China. But, within the past few years, I started drifting down to Southeast Asia, and found myself in countries like the Phillippines, Indonesia, and, of course, Thailand. Now, Thai is another difficult language to embrace in rock music if you’re not used to it, but, that hasn’t stopped me from appreciating Thailand’s rock scene. NMT is the first female-fronted Thai rock band that I discovered.

NoMoreTear-06NoMoreTear-07NMT‘s debut, Yellow Light (2008), is an energetic mix of pop/punk and power pop. The CD cover art (pictured), with its bright colors, is a reflection of this style. NMT, on this album, is best compared to Paramore or any female-fronted band inspired by that influential American band. Some Thai fans might argue, but, NMT, on this album, fits Paramore‘s basic formula: female singer, all-male band, pop/punk. And, yes, Paramore came first. But, NMT does inject enough of their own style into the mix to keep it fresh. The first single, “Chun Pen DJ hai Tur”, is the first of many upbeat danceable pop/rockers, like “No Way!!”, “Ra Warng Raw”, “Krai Ja Ton Kaw Ton”, and the pop/punky-est track, “Mark Mai”. My favorite pop/rocker, however, is “Hua Jai Mot Rang”. But, the two ballads, “Laung Hon” and “Ruk Koey Dee Gwah Nee”, are pretty amazing, too. Watch the videos for “Chun Pen DJ hai Tur” and “Ruk Koey Dee Gwah Nee” here:

NoMoreTear-10In 2009, NMT was featured on GMM Grammy‘s project Play!, a 25th anniversary compilation in which current artists, on the label’s roster, covered songs by artists from the label’s first 15 years. NMT covered “Boomerang” by Bird Thongshai. Watch the video for NMT‘s version of “Boomerang” here:

And, watch a video for a 2010 single here (note the changes):

In 2011, NMT‘s song “Pleng Tee Chun Mai Dai Tang” was featured in the popular Thai movie SuckSeed: Huay Khan Thep. In this charming film, three high school boys, Ped, Khung and X, form a rock band to impress girls. Ped, in fact, wants to impress Ern, his grade school crush. Ern is also a talented guitarist. Ped writes a song for Ern, which she sings with Khung’s twin brother Kae’s band at a talent contest, and wins. That song is “Pleng Tee Chun Mai Dai Tang”. Many fans, of the movie, believed that the actress who plays Ern (Nattasha Nauljam) actually sang the song, but, in fact, it was NMT. Watch NMT‘s video, to promote the movie, here:

NoMoreTear-04NoMoreTear-08Obviously, NMT‘s sound, and look, had changed, from the youthful pop/punk of their debut and the single “Boomerang” to the more mature, alternative pop/rock of “Pleng Tee Chun Mai Dai Tang” and into their second album, Look at the Sky (2013). Again, the CD Cover photo (pictured), with its softer colors, is a reflection of this new style. NMT, on this album, is best compared to another female-fronted Thai pop/rock band, Klear, also on GMM Grammy. Four excellent singles preceded the album’s release: “Kwarm Pa Ya Yarm”, “Mai Mee Num Tah”, “Puk Paun Mai Piang Paw” and “Sang Sa Wang Tee Plai U Mong”. Other good tracks are “Meuan Derm” (an acoustic ballad) “Dee Gwah Sia Dai” (a hooky rocker) and “Diary” (a heartfelt alt-rocker). Personally, I like this album better than Yellow Light. Watch the videos for the first three singles here:

NMT‘s original incarnation, Imaginary Lie, was as a screamo band. They recorded a handful of songs before getting signed and changing their name. Watch the video for their song “We can’t be the dearest” here:

NoMoreTear-03No More Tear Discography
2008.09.26 – Yellow Light (Genie Records) [Album]
2013.03.08 – Look at the Sky (Genie Records) [Album]

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