The Die Nasties

DieNasties-01The Die Nasties are a female-fronted rock band from Nashville, TN. The band is Katie Kerkhover (vocals, guitar), Tim Craven (bass), Michael Blakemore (guitar) and Andrew Grooms (drums). The Die Nasties are a rock band, but frontwomen Katie Kerkhover wasn’t always a rock chick.DieNasties-02 Katie Kerkhover, originally from Rockwood, IL, was a country chick who played fiddle from an early age, and even fronted a local bluegrass combo. She moved to Nashville, at 17-years-old, where she played fiddle, on tour, for several popular country artists including Sara Evans. But, then, Katie fell hard for rock ‘n’ roll, and learned to play guitar. She met Tim Craven, and, together, they produced Katie’s excellent solo rock debut, Blister (2009). Soon, they became Katie Kerkhover & the Die Nasties, and, eventually, after Michael Blakemore and Andrew Grooms joined, simply The Die Nasties. And, that’s her story – or what I’ve read, anyway.

DieNasties-03The Die Nasties‘ self-titled debut EP (2012) mixes punky hard rock with pop hooks and danceable beats, in tracks like the Vanity Theft-ish “Cherry Lip Smack” (which is even included as club remix) and the harder rocking, but still danceable, “Time Bomb”. My favorite track, however, of the six originals (plus one remix) is “Too Bad”, a heavier, but still hooky, alt-rocker. “Three Days Dirty” is another good track that, apparently, was inspired by the character of Lisbeth Salander (Mara Rooney)DieNasties-05 from the 2011 American adaptation of Stieg Larsson‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In 2013, The Die Nasties have, to date, released two singles (“Sticky Sweet” and “Go Go Go!”) from a forthcoming second EP (or album?). “Go Go Go!”, which I just downloaded, is, now, my favorite track from this band!

OK, The Die Nasties are a cool band, for sure, with a lot of promise, but, truth be told, I like Katie Kerkhover‘s solo CD, Blister (2009), a whole lot more! At least for now. Her CD is ten blistering tracks of cocky grrrl rock with punk attitude, plus a smoking cover of Joan Jett‘s great “Bad Reputation” (in case you didn’t really get where Katie finds her inspiration here). “You! You! You! Do you know that bad girls go to Hell?” the voiceover from the trailer for the 1965 sexploitation classic Bad Girls Go To Hell wonders in the intro to the opening track, “Over Me”, a fierce rocker.DieNasties-06 Katie responds in the chorus: “Screw you and your authority you’re hanging over me!” And, Katie isn’t afraid to assert her own authority. In the awesome Damone-esque “Without You”, Katie warns: “You should know / Now that you’re gone / Girls like me never sleep alone.” And, in “I’m a Star” (which is a #1 hit single in my head), she adds: “In the back seat of my car / It don’t matter who you are / Welcome to the show and I’m the star.” Now, I know what you’re thinking – Katie’s a slut, right? Well, what if a guy sang those same lyrics? That’s how society defines the norm. “Look at me so perfecly / Fit into society / With my pretty blonde hair and my shiney white teeth / I conform to your hypocrisy,” she sings, sadly, in “Something Real”, over minor chords. “This is not the life for me,” she adds, before shifting gears into that track’s upbeat pop/punk. Other great tracks include “Habit”, “Down To This”, “Gone Again” (an anthemic power ballad) and “The Crystal Method” (an alt-rocker).

Watch the video for Katie Kerkhover‘s “Habit” here:

DieNasties-07The Die Nasties Discography
2012.10.01 – The Die Nasties [EP]
2013.07.09 – “Sticky Sweet” [Single]
2013.08.06 – “Go Go Go!” [Single]

Katie Kerkhover Discography
2009.07.14 – Blister [Album]


One response to “The Die Nasties

  1. I read that Katie now works in Nashville at General Jackson. What happened to The Die Nasties? Looks like they split up. I saw them in Lexington back in 2013 and they were great.

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