The She Creatures

SheCreatures-01The She Creatures are a groovy all-female garage rock band from the planet Venus, whose mission is to take over the Earth with “their highly infectious rockin’ tunes” and “their deadly love ray.” The She Creatures are Haley Comet (bass, theremin), Elektra Statik (drums), Nancy Raygun (vocals, guitar), and Princess Slayer (keys).SheCreatures-03 Haley, with the power of telekinesis, is the pilot, while Elektra, with invisibility, is the mechanic. Nancy, with irresistibility and mind control, is the weapons commander, and, Princess, with X-ray vision, is the navigator. They were “inspired by radio waves from 1960 Earth” which they transformed “into sounds that no human can resist!” They succeeded!

OK, The She Creatures are not actually from Venus. They’re from Bristol, England, which is, like, 24 million miles just outside of Venus (at its closest). I don’t know much about the band’s human alter-egos except that current Venusian member Nancy Raygun replaced original human member Katy Tucker on vocals/guitar. But, I do know that I love everything about this cool band, from their name (taken from the 1956 B-movie classic The She Creature), to their look (blue bouffant-ish hair and sexy space-girl uniforms),SheCreatures-04 to their music (a mix of “garage, pop, soul and rock’n’roll”). Apparently, The She Creature‘s “deadly love ray” hit me hard!

The She Creatures debut EP Sexy Robot was released in 2007. Or was it 2009? I’m not sure, but, it’s a stellar (get it?) release! Venus, apparently, does not have men, but, our favorite Venusians do have a “Sexy Robot”! Nancy sings: “Sexy Robot / You got what I want / I want what you got / You Sexy Robot!” Then, she adds, in the bridge, “Sexy R-O-B-O-T / Love Machine come service me!” before breaking into an awesomely melodic guitar solo! But, The She Creatures do, in fact, need men. Earth men. In “She Creatures Invade”, they spell out their mission: “We’re getting’ ready for some exploration /SheCreatures-05 Your puny planet is our destination / These blue-haired sirens will command your fear / We come from Venus to enslave you here.” In the chorus, she adds: “She Creatures invade! Men, can’t be afraid, we’ll hypnotize you, yeah, yeah, yeah!” In “Radar”, Nancy reiterates her plan: “I got my radar on and I’m searching the human race / If you’re the lucky one you can come with me to outer space.” Those three tracks are awesomely groovy upbeat nuggets, as is “Hungry”, with its ’60s pop chorus and a Zombies-esque bass line. But, “Moonman” is a bit moodier, and, arguably, my favorite track. I love that song’s extended bridge. Finally, the EP ends on a cosmically big note with the fuzzed-out guitar riffage of “Space Madness”. Awesome coolness!

Watch the groovy video for “Sexy Robot” here:

SheCreatures-02The She Creatures Discography
2007(?) – Sexy Robot [EP]

One response to “The She Creatures

  1. Are She Creatures still playing? I’ve not heard them for years and miss them!!!!!!! They’re fantastic……

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