The Deafening

Deafening-01AThe Deafening is an American hard rock band from New York, NY. The band, formed in 2008, is fronted by Lena Hall (vocals), with Burt Rock (guitar), Dylan Doyle (bass) and Mick Harrison (drums). The Deafening plays “a unique blend of glam,Deafening-02B horror, punk, blues and sleaze rock blasted through big guitar stacks.” They cite as influences Guns N’ Roses, MC5, Iggy Pop, KISS, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Queen, and The Misfits.” I would add Judas Priest, Motörhead and a bit of Led Zeppelin to those influences as well. The Deafening, more precisely, “fuses the gritty glam of the early seventies with the big bragging attitude of eighties’ sleaze rock and tops it off with the merrily deviant theatrical horror of groups like The Misfits and Alice Cooper.” Most band’s self-descriptions are overblown, but, The Deafening‘s are spot on. This band, apparently, also delivers memorable live performances as well. Hopefully, I’ll get to see them if they ever decide to check out Cleveland, OH. Or maybe they have already?

Deafening-04The Deafening‘s debut album Central Booking (2012) opens with “Destroyer”, whose title alone hints at the song’s obviouse influence. Well, maybe it’s not so obvious. You might think KISS, but, I think The Stooges. I hear “Search And Destroy” as if it were recorded by Guns N’ Roses. Then, on the next track, “Evil Kiss”,Deafening-09 the band kicks out two lyrical references (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) in one (“She had an evil kiss / It was nineteen seventy six-six-six / She’s built to break the law / baby break the law, ah”) over a KISS meets Judas Priest groove, with an Axl Rose-like scream or two. “I’m so Bad” rocks like Led Zeppelin by way of Dead Sara. And, if horror is what you craves, then, the dead rising again to bite down on your flesh in “You Will Remember The Dead” is what you need. Or the suicide sex fetishism of “Sexy Like A Suicide”. Lena sings: “You’re so sexy oh yeah for me tonight / You’re pretty when you die.” Then, there’s “Jesse”, a sparse 1950s death ballad complete with vinyl pops and hisses: “Anorexic princess prom queen / She died young / All those drugs / And no one even stopped her as she walked out the door.” An awesome debut!

Watch The Deafening‘s first ever video for “Death Rattle N’ Roll” here:

Deafening-03The Deafening Discography
2012.12.15 – Central Booking [Album]


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