The Rough Hearts

RoughHearts-01The Rough Hearts are an American alternative pop/rock band from Memphis, TN. The unsigned band, formed in 2011, is fronted by super cute Kat Maxwell (vocals/guitar), Will Branson (guitar/vocals), Josh Rawlings (bass), and John Bonds (drums). The Rough Hearts are recommended if you like Joan Jett & the Blackhearts [and I do!] particularly in singer Kat Maxwell’s pretty vocalsRoughHearts-02 which often become raspy snarls making her sound very much like Ms. Jett herself. Kat’s vocal style is definitely a big part of this band’s charm. Plus, Kat Maxwell is a chick who prefers Chucks!

The Rough Hearts have released one 5-track EP to date, Trapped in a Box (2012). However, that EP, in sound, is more akin to a demo. But, the songs are good, and, deserve (slightly) better production. “Disappear” is awesome, and, even has a cool self-produced video, but, my favorite track, right now, is “Right Now”, which delivers the EP’s most infectious hook. And, the last track “Back To You”, a garage-y rocker, is another favorite which, like the first track “One Mistake”, showcases The Rough Hearts‘ grittier edge.

Watch the video for “Disappear” here:

RoughHearts-03BAnd, watch The Rough Hearts perform live here:

I love that live performance! The Rough Hearts have posted three additional songs on their ReverbNation page, including the punky “Drama Queen”, so, hopefully, a new EP or album will be forthcoming.

RoughHearts-05BThe Rough Hearts Discography
2012 – Trapped in a Box [EP]


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