Fuck Frankie

FckFrankie-02BFuck Frankie is a Swedish punk rock band from Stockholm, formed in 2010. The band is Elvira Bira (vocals), Rod Heather (guitar), Lisa Bäckström (guitar), Gustav Wadman (bass), and Jösses Trashy Roxtar (drums). Elvira Bira has a strong gravelly voice, and Fuck FrankieFckFrankie-04 plays aggressive but melodic punk rock, and, as such, they are best compared to The Distillers which, to me, is (almost) always a good thing. The band “spews out songs about hate, violence, death and all those important things that life is really about” creating “the perfect mixture of chaos and disorder.” Sold!

After releasing a self-titled EP on CDr in 2012, Fuck Frankie returned, in 2013, with their first album, Hate Me, on Full of Shit Records (which I assume is their own label since a song from the EP bears that title). Hate Me is 10 tracks of angry melodic punk with hard rock flourishes, and it’s nearly perfect. The only problem is that it’s too damn short at just over 23 minutes! My favorite tracks, right now, are “Rage” and “Fight”. My favorites were “Rebel” and “Hate Me” previously, but, my favorites change with each listen. I think “Messed Up” will be my next favorite track.

Watch the video for “Cunt” (from the EP) here:

And, watch the band perform “Hate Me” live here:

FckFrankie-03Fuck Frankie Discography
2012 – Fuck Frankie (CDr) [EP]
2013 – Hate Me (Full of Shit Records) [Album]


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