Nicki Tedesco

NickTed-01ANicki Tedesco is an American singer/songwriter and bass player from Los Angeles, CA. Her genres include pop, rock, electronic, alternative and metal. She is a solo artist who, in 2013, released an excellent album, Sweet as Freak. But, Nicki has also recorded with the industrial/tranceNickTed-02B band Delta-S, and toured with Grammy-nominated trance artist BT and alternative rock band Into The Presence. She also, occasionally, plays bass for the all-female Jimi Hendrix tribute band Foxey Lady with Marija “Maria” Krstic-Chin. In addition, Nicki works as a session bass player and owner of The Strands L.A., an audio post-production company.

Now, I think female bass players are sexy as Hell. But, I have a soft spot for bass players in general because, way back in the day, I once played bass. Not well, but, I played. However, one day, my bass guitar vanished, and, I never replaced it. Long story. Anyway, here’s to you Nicki Tedesco, adorable Kelly Ogden (of The Dollyrots), Emma Anzai (of Sick Puppies), Thérèse Lanz (ex-KEN Mode), Paz Lenchantin, and many others: your beauty is matched only by your mad bass skills.

Watch Nicki in action at her studio here:

NickTed-04On Sweet as Freak (2013), I find myself listening closely to the bass lines. She’s an excellent musician, for sure, but this album, which mixes all her preferred genres, showcases her songwriting as much as her bass playing. “Sick as Freak”, the opening track, is an alternative rocker with a cool audio effect into each verse. “At the Gate” is an upbeat pop/rocker with an infectious chorus, while “Thinking of You” is a driving mid-tempo rocker with addictive verses. “You Want It Right”, my favorite track, is an excellent riff-heavy rocker. Finally, I’ll mention the sadly beautiful closing track, “Never Be”, a way-too-short acoustic song about wanting what you can’t have. Awesome.

Sadly, no videos, so watch one of Nicki’s Spector Tone Series videos for Spector Bass (which features her song “Made a Mistake” from the album) here:

NickTed-05Nicki Tedesco (Solo) Discography
2013.01.13 – Sweet as Freak [Album]


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