Zoe Vette & the Revolvers

ZoeVette-01Zoe Vette & the Revolvers are an American rock, punk, glam rock band from Charlotte, NC, formed in 2008. The band is Zoe Vette (vocals/guitar), obviously, with her current Revolvers: Robert Ford (guitar/backing vocals), John Brennan (bass/backing vocals) and Adam Green (drums).ZoeVette-02 Zoe Vette channels the spirit of Joan Jett like no other artist I’ve ever heard! She sounds like Jett, and even looks like her. But, that could be because Zoe Vette also fronts Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth (or G.R.O.A.M.Y.) which is, obviously, a tribute to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts! Where have you been all my life Zoe Vette?! If you read this blog you know that I love Joan Jett, especially her recent work [Pure And Simple (1994) and Sinner (2006)] which reflects her maturity as an artist, as well it should. Joan Jett can’t keep re-living her past, but, Zoe Vette can, and does. She takes Jett’s youthful energy and spits it back at you in G.R.O.A.M.Y, but, saves a little bit to fuel her own punk style with The Revolvers, who also cite as influences The Runaways, Iggy Pop, KISS, New York Dolls, Queen, David Bowie, Ramones, Sex Pistols, T.Rex, Slade, Suzi Quatro, and many more. Love ’em all!

ZoeVette-03Zoe Vette & the Revolvers‘ debut, B.C. Radio (2011), is a pretty amazing release, and, I absolutely love every note! The band punks up the classic sounds of their influences from then, and mixes in socio-political lyrics relating to now (like losing everything at the hands of Wall Street greed in “Dick” or the inability to take action against violence in “William Fear”). The album, they say, is “a soundtrack for people fighting to hang onto their livelihoods,ZoeVette-04 their relationships and their sanity.” The punky title track, which is like Jim Carroll meets the Ramones, is a definite favorite with its killer hook: “Why look back at all? / Every station fades / Best just to go on / Phased and unfazed.” But, they do look back, while still going forward with their own style. In “A Little Crazy”, another favorite, Zoe embraces discord in a relationship: “A little crazy / You make me / A little crazy / Meet me on the edge.” Other excellent tracks include the threatening “Night Dogs” and the T-Rex-esque “Midnight Eye”. Zoe Vette & the Revolvers even cover glam legends T-Rex on “Planet Queen”, as well as art rocker Brian Eno (ex-Roxy Music) on “Needles in the Camel’s Eye”. Finally, the KISS-esque “War Dance” is the battle cry of this soundtrack that draws a line, between us and them (politicians, bankers, exes, etc): “That side’s yours and this side’s mine / Blood will spill, you cross that line.” Awesome! Sadly, no official videos were produced. So, instead, watch Zoe Vette & the Revolvers perform “B.C. Radio” live here:

Watch G.R.O.A.M.Y. perform Joan Jett‘s “Bad Repuation” here:

And, watch G.R.O.A.M.Y. perform The Stooges“I Wanna Be Your Dog” here:

ZoeVette-05Zoe Vette & the Revolvers Discography
2011.10.04 – B.C. Radio [Album]

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