Ewelina Lisowska

EwelinaL-09Ewelina Lisowska is a Polish solo pop/rock singer/songwriter who was born in Cerekwica (in south-western Poland) on August 23, 1991. She’s only 22 years old. In 2011, Lisowska auditioned for season 4 of Mam Talent! ([Poland’s] Got Talent). Then, in 2012, she reached the semi-finals and finished in 4th place on the 2nd season of the Polish version of X Factor. As a result, she was signed to Universal Music Poland, and released a self-titled solo EP in 2012, followed by her first full album, Aero-Plan, in 2013.EwelinaL-07 However, Lisowska is also the lead singer (since 2007) of a Polish post-hardcore band called Nurth, in which she is known as Evelynn Nurth.

So, I am, like, 95% Polish. I don’t speak the language, nor does my father, nor did my mother. But, I am of, mostly, Polish heritage and, as such, I thought I should add some Polish artists to this blog. Poland has a lot of seasoned female-fronted bands like O.N.A., Chylińska (with Agnieszka Chylińska, ex-O.N.A.), Hey, Virgin, etc, but, I’m starting out fresh with this talented young artist. On a side note, one of the songwriters that Lisowska collaborates with has the same last name as me (before my grandfather shortened it). I wonder if we’re related?

EwelinaL-01Ewelina Lisowska‘s debut album, Aero-Plan (2013), is filled with addictive alternative pop /rock that is, mostly, much harder-edged than you might think given her Demi Lovato-looking appearance. Chalk it up to time served in Nurth.EwelinaL-06 Her solo brand of rock is firmly planted in pop, but, it’s not comparable to, say, Kelly Clarkson, even when Clarkson rocks. Ewelina Lisowska is more comparable, I’d say, to Germany’s Isabell Schmidt, maybe. Anyway, Aero-Plan is a solid listen form start to finish, if you like this kind of stuff. Three singles, to date, have been released: “Nieodporny rozum” (the closest Lisowska gets to pop), “W stronę słońca” (the closest Lisowska gets to Kelly Clarkson), and “Jutra nie będzie” (the best of the singles). My favorite tracks are “Aero-Plan” (upbeat alt-rock), “Zakazani” (power ballad), “Zmierzch” (moody alt-rock), “Cała płonę” (harder alt-rock), and “Aero-Plan II” (grittier pop). A surprisingly awesome debut!

Watch the videos for “Jutra nie będzie” and “W stronę słońca” here:

EwelinaL-04Ewelina Lisowska Discography
2012.08.07 – Ewelina Lisowska (Universal Music Group Poland) [EP]
2013.05.07 – Aero-Plan (Universal Music Group Poland) [Album]


Nurth-01Nurth is a post-hardcore band founded by lead guitarist Jonson Nurth in 2007. Evelynn Nurth (aka Ewelina Lisowska) sings in English and uses melodic singing as well as harsh growling. Obviously, the music is much harder than Lisowska‘s solo work.

Listen to Nurth‘s song “Stay Away From Me” here:

Nurth Discography
2009 – Revolution [EP]
2010 – “The Last Second of Life” [Single]
2011 – Stay Away [EP]

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