Gasoline Thrill

GasolineThrill-01Gasoline Thrill is a mostly all-female punk rock band from London, England. The band was born in late 2009 as Catfight (great name!) with Samara Kain (vocals/guitar), Martha Lewis (guitar) and Monica Nix (bass). In 2010, Catfight self-released the EP NEVER GO BACK. In 2011, they changed their name to Gasoline Thrill, and added drummer Dave Guy, a guy. In early 2012, Gasoline Thrill released their awesome debut album, Burn.GasolineThrill-02 The band’s sound has been described as “fast and furious” and “raw, loud and definitely feisty.” They cite as influences Joan Jet and the Blackhearts, Social Distortion, Sick Of It All, Anti Flag, Green Day, Nirvana, The Gits, Hole, Metallica, and many others. But, I would definitely say The Distillers, too.

So, here I go again, posting about yet another band influenced by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and/or The Distillers. I love both of those artists, but, Joan Jett hasn’t released new material since 2006, and Brody Dalle‘s busy being a mom, apparently, so I have to rely on new bands to carry on for them. But, of course, the best of them, like Gasoline Thrill or Zoe Vette & the Revolvers rise above the influence, forging their own punk brands.

Burn (2012), Gasoline Thrill‘s debut, is aptly named (as is the band itself) since it’s full of fiery punk rockers with blazing vocals and red-hot riffs, with enough hooks to keep the flames stoked. Samara [love that name, too!] has a perfect voice for this tuneful punk.GasolineThrill-05 It’s not raspy like Jett‘s or all-out gravelly like Dalle‘s, but it’s strong, enhanced by her accent, which bleeds through often. The Social Distortion-ish “Afraid” and “Let Me Down” are excellent singles, but, “Never Go Back” (with a nod to Nirvana), “Leeches”, “Break”, “So Be It”, and “Hayleen” are cool tracks, too. However, the slower songs, which smoulder before bursting into flames, are where this band really kicks it out. “Burn the Flame” is a good one, but, the last track, “Kill Me Again”, is even better. That song, my favorite, is like The Distillers (circa 2003) meet The Animals, and is worth the price of a download alone. But, if you get just that track, you’ll want the rest, so, just download it all, now.

Watch the videos for “Afraid” and “Let Me Down” here:

And, watch Gasoline Thrill perform Joan Jett & the Blackhearts“I Hate Myself For Loving You” live here:

GasolineThrill-04GasolineThrill-06AGasoline Thrill Discography
2010 – NEVER GO BACK (as Catfight) [EP]
2012 – Burn [Album]

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