Midnight Mob

MidnightMob-01AMidnight Mob is a female-fronted American punk/hard rock band from New York City, NY, and, my new favorite band of now and, well, forever! Midnight Mob formed in 2009 and, currently, consists of Blackey Deathproof (vocals), Carly Quinn (bass, vocals), Mickey Squeeze (lead guitar), Spydyr (guitar), and Catastrophe (drums). Their press kit says:MidnightMob-03 GNR/Danzig/Cheap Trick laced with Joan Jett‘s bastard daughter on lead vox” spewing their “blend of high octane Rock N Roll with Social Distortion sentiment.” Their motto is: “If your heart ain’t in it you might as well be dead.” Well, Midnight Mob‘s heart is all in it, and, now, mine is, too! Best damn band I’ve heard all year!!

OK, so I fall hard for pretty much any black-haired, red lipsticked, punk rock chick. I can’t help it. My brain is just wired that way, I guess. In just this past week alone, I fell for Zoe Vette (of Zoe Vette & the Revolvers), then, it was Samara Cain (of Gasoline Thrill), and, today, I’m reeling, head over heels, for Blackey Deathproof, and her amazing band! Blackey looks like Brody Dalle‘s little sister, and, is both sexy-hot and adorably cute. Sexy hotness is obvious [check out the promo pics and live shots on their website], but, if you need proof of adorable cuteness, well, just watch this video (also on their website):

Midnight Mob‘s self-titled debut EP was released in early 2011. The band delivers 4 tracks of driving hard rock with a punk heart, while Blackey belts out gritty, powerful vocals burning with passion. “Perfect Crime” and “So Hard”, the first two tracks,MidnightMob-07 are energetic hard rockers with furious guitar riffs, fiery vocals and insanely addictive melodies, but, “Hit or Miss” is an absolute pop/rock gem! It is pure, unashamed hooky brilliance, and it sounds like Joan Jett with a hint of Pat Benatar fronting GNR. You will be singing “Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh” in your head for days! Why was this song not blasting from the speakers of car stereos across the country?! Finally, “Overdrive”, the most punk track here, became the band’s first video, although “Perfect Crime” has an awesome video (my favorite!) as well. Yeah, this EP is too damn short, but, the quality of these songs far outweighs the number of the tracks. Watch the videos for “Overdrive” and “Perfect Crime” here:

Midnight Mob followed up, in late 2012, with another stunning EP, Black Moon Rising, that offers 6 more tracks, as well as more eclectic influences in those tracks. Blackey’s vocals still blaze, mostly, but, on some songs, she relaxes, and kind of croons. “All For Nothing” and “Walking Dead” were pre-released as singles in late 2011,MidnightMob-08 and, a video was shot for “All For Nothing”. That power pop/rocker incorporates the band’s Cheap Trick influence by re-working the intro of “I Want You To Want Me” into a song that’s familiar but fresh. “Be Mine”, my favorite track, is the first of several that works in a psychobilly influence. “These Days”, an acoustic track (with a video), is another; as is the awesome “My Undead Darling (You Still Haunt Me)” which also works in a horror punk influence, sounding like The HorrorPops meet The Misfits. “Walking Dead”, a hard rocker, is another horror-inspired track. And, the epic closing track, “Black Moon Rising” is a bluesy Danzig-esque ballad in which Blackey Deathproof delivers her most intense and best vocal performance. Amazing! So, watch the videos for “All For Nothing” and “These Days” here:

Midnight Mob is a phenomenal band with a badass front woman gifted with an amazing voice. I stumbled upon them by accident while perusing releases on CD Baby, but, I am, now, forever their biggest fan. They’re playing a show in New York City on October 12, 2013, at the 2013 CBG Festival, two days after my birthday. It will take me just short of 8 hours to get there (and 8 more to get back). Well, I can dream.

Watch Midnight Mob performing live here (and dream along with me):

So, 2013 has been a difficult year for Midnight Mob. Vans were totalled, trailers were sold, tours were cancelled, and founding member Catastrophe left the band. But, their hearts are still all in, and, they won’t be kept down. And, their October 12th show is still on. So, as they like to say, “Peace, Love, Swag N Roll …”

UPDATE: Today is October 12 and, sadly, I missed the show!

MidnightMob-04BMidnightMob-05BMidnight Mob Discography
2011 – Midnight Mob [EP]
2012 – Black Moon Rising [EP]

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