Never Trust

NeverTrust-01ANever Trust is a female-fronted alternative/hard rock band from Milan, Italy, formed in 2007. The band is fronted by Elisa Galli (vocals), Massimo Buggio (guitar), Flavio Oggionni (bass), and Gianni Borgonovo (drums). Never Trust plays classic hard rock filtered through modern alternative rock that is riff-heavy, hook-laden, and driven by Elisa’s passionate vocals (in English).NeverTrust-02 Their debut, Morning Light (2013), was “produced, arranged and mixed by Onil Utsis & Jimmy Temper for Nookstudio, Cleveland, Ohio.” Yeah, I live in Cleveland! Cool.

“Honey” is the album’s first video, and, it’s a cool track and all, but, anthemic rocker “Rebound” would have been my choice for the first single [somebody get this song on the radio!], followed up by the power ballad “Heartbreak Warning” as a second single. Other good tracks include “Fade Away”, “More Than This”, and “What Is Mine”. Never Trust is a band to keep an eye on [hey, that’s kind of funny!].

Watch the video for “Honey” here:

NeverTrust-04BNever Trust Discography
2013.09.10 – Morning Light [Album]

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