Slunt-01SLUNT is an American hard rock band from New York City, NY, formed in 2002. SLUNT is fronted by Abby Gennet (vocals/rhythm guitar), with Pat Harrington (lead guitar), Ilse Baca (bass/backing vocals), and Charles Ruggiero (drums). They play ‘70s classic rock (like Bon Scott-era AC/DC) mixed with ‘80s hair metal (like Ratt) and a shot of ‘90s alternative rock (like Foo Fighters).Slunt-09 SLUNT has, to date, released two albums: Get a Load of This (2005) and One Night Stand (2006). But, in 2006, bassist Ilse Baca was temporarily replaced by Jhen Kobran (formerly of the hard rock band Halfcocked). Kobran played on One Night Stand, but, Baca returned for touring in 2007.

Front woman Abby Gennet injects a whole lot of sex appeal and sleaze into SLUNT, which adds to the band’s allure. Yes, Gennet is very hot, despite being married to Brett Scallions (Fuel, Riders on the Storm) with two children. In the early 2000s, she was a VJ on MTV2 (hosting MTV2 Rock) and VH1 (hosting VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown); and, in 2008, she was a co-host on Fuse TV’s short-lived Rock N’ Roll Acid Test, in which rock myths were busted. Gennet is also the guitarist for the all-female hard rock band Riot Brides, which has twice as many hot chicks as SLUNT.That would be four hot chicks.

Slunt-02Slunt-04Get a Load of This (2005) is the better of SLUNT‘s two albums, with more consistently good songs. The album opens strong (after a brief intro) with two excellent alternative hard rockers: “OK OK”, whose Foo Fighters influence is undeniable, and “All That I’ve Got”, which is fueled by a driving nu-metal riff. “Cliche Rock’N’Roll Party Song (New York City Rock’N’Roll)” is exactly what its title says it is. Cool songs all, but, “I Wanna Be Your Only One”, a proto-punk rocker, is my favorite track. Other cool tracks are the single “Best Thing”, “Loved By You”, “Not About You”, the Nirvana-ish “Waiting For You”, and their cover of Romeo Void‘s “Never Say Never” (remember these lyrics: “I might like you better if we slept together”). Finally, “My Cat’s Gay” is a dumb song, but, it grows on you, and it’s kind of funny with lyrics like “My cat’s guy / It’s no rumor / My cat’s guy / She likes tuna.”

Watch the video for “Best Thing” here:

Slunt-05Slunt-08One Night Stand (2006) is not as consistently good as Get a Load of This (2005), but, it doesn’t suck either. Again, the album opens strong with, this time, two gritty, riff-heavy, sleazy hard rockers: “When You Like It” and the very Guns N’ Roses-ish “Mr. One Night Stand” (with some cool cowbell action!). Those two tracks alone make this album worth listening to. But, “Over It” and “Push”, both driven by sludgy Black Sabbath-esque guitar riffs, are definitely cool, too, as are “Here To Rock” and “Don’t Care”. Sadly, SLUNT, to date, has not released a third album, but, if Riot Brides is any indication, Abby Gennet’s still got a whole lot more (post-children) hard rock left in her to give!

Slunt-03Slunt-07“Slunt”, by the way, is a derogatory term that refers to someone who is both a “slut” and a … well, you know I’m sure.

SLUNT Discography
2005 – Get a Load of This [Album]
2006 – One Night Stand [Album]


RiotBrides-01Riot Brides is an all-female metal/hard rock band from in Los Angeles, CA. Riot Brides is Gabriella DeMarco (vox), Abby Gennet (guitar), Erin Soriano (bass), Tuesdai Murgia (drums). Stephen Pearcy (of Ratt) put the band together, and signed them to his label Top Fuel Records. An EP, apparently, was released, but, I can’t find it. However, three songs are posted on their ReverbNation page. Listen to ’em, or watch this video of the band performing live here:


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