Fiction Reform

FictionReform-01AFiction Reform is a female-fronted American punk rock band from Orange County, CA. The band was formed in 2009 by Dan Powell (bass) and Danny Baeza (drums), who then recruited ex-Civet drummer Brenna Red (vocals/guitar) and Aaron Chabak (guitar).FictionReform-02 They released their debut Revolution In the Palms of the Weak on Basement Records in 2010. But, Powell was replaced by Danielle Lehman for their second album Take Your Truth (2012). They cite as influences bands like Bad Religion and The Descendents, and, as such, they are recommended if you like A Pretty Mess, whom I’ve posted about recently. But, Fiction Reform‘s punk is more pop-oriented, and Brenna Red’s voice is more Brody Dalle-esque. In fact, Brenna told MTV that she was an outcast and became a drummer, originally, because of her low voice. So, this band is also recommended if you like The Distillers. Sadly, Fiction Reform is currently on hold saying that they have “decided to continue without Brenna in the band.” Hopefully, we’ll hear new music from both Brenna Red and Fiction Reform soon.

FictionReform-03AFictionReform-04Fiction Reform‘s excellent debut, Revolution In the Palms of the Weak (2010), was actually recorded, sans vocals, before Brenna Red was even recruited. “Small Silhouette” was featured on ESPN‘s SportsCenter, and other songs have been featured in MTV‘s The Dudesons in America and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. My 10-year-old daughter Gaby loves Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. Anyway, videos were released for “Small Silhouette”, “Whites In Their Eyes” and “Cancerous Gold”. Other cool tracks on the debut include “Mr. Eva Braun”, “Drugs In The Kitchen” and the acoustic ballad “Come Back Home”. Watch the videos released from this album here:

FictionReform-05Fiction Reform‘s debut was a cool Distillers-esque punk rock record, but, the follow-up, Take Your Truth (2012), sounded more like Joan Jett fronting The Gits for their Evil Stig one shot in 1995. And, yeah, that’s a good thing, for sure. Take Your Truth even has a song about drinking (“Smoke and Whiskey”) in true Gits style. “One Minute More” kicks off this awesome release with pop/punk hooks, while “Who’s To Blame”, according to the band, best showcases their cited influences [see above]. “Shellac and Vinyl”, “On the X” and “Atrophy” keep the punk loud, “(Don’t) Keep At Your Distance” veers closer into pop/rock territory, sounding like Joan Jett fronting … well, The Blackhearts, actually. Excellent album! Too bad it’s the last release from Fiction Reform with Brenna Red.

FictionReform-06Fiction Reform Discography
2010 – Revolution In the Palms of the Weak (Basement Records) [Album]
2012 – Take Your Truth (Basement Records) [Album]

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