Dusty & Black Tie

DustyBlackTie-03DustyBlackTie-01Dusty & Black Tie is a female-fronted punk/garage rock band from Tokyo, Japan. They are gAo (vocals), caTboyFACE (guitar), Takao Tsuji (bass), and Masayuki Fukushiman (drums). But, that’s all I know. Is vocalist gAo actually the androgynous, husky-voiced ’90s female singer GAO? I don’t know. Sure sounds like her. Anyway, Dusty & Black Tie have two EPs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster and Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster 2, both released in 2013. They swallow ’50s rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, and ’60s garage and spit out raw, reverb-drenched punk ‘n’ roll. And, gAo wails in both English and Japanese in a voice like no other Japanese female I’ve ever heard. Dusty & Black Tie‘s sound is so gritty and exhilarating that, after listening once, I had to take a shower and a nap!

DustyBlackTie-02Each EP opens with a high-octane blast of garage rockin’ energy: “Trouble Bunny” from the first, and “Porky Girl” from the second. Later, each EP also fires off a shot of fierce punkabilly madness: “Daddy I Love You”, with its chunka-chunka rockabilly riff on the first, and “17”, a rockin’ rock ‘n’ roller that punches you in the face with its rockin’ rock ‘n’ roll, from the second. Other badass tracks are the adrenalized rocker “I Wanna Rock” and the “Hippy Hippy Shake”-esque “Daddy & Bunny” from the first EP, and the “Summertime Blue”-ish “Hot Jam” from the second. Also, “Mrs. Sunshine”, from the first, is a little more restrained, but, just as cool as the rest. Both of these EPs together are one awesome album!

Listen to “Trouble Bunny” here:

Dusty & Black Tie Discography
2013 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster [EP]
2013 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster 2 [EP]

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