East Vamps

EastVamps-01BEast Vamps is a Canadian Jett-worshipping punk/rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia. East Vamps, who “have performed regularly since 2009,” is fronted Gerry-Jenn Wilson (lead vocals, guitar), with, currently, Randy Bowman (drums, backing vocals) and John Stedman (lead guitar, backing vocals). I think. Lisafurr Lloyd (bass, backing vocals) is also mentioned, as well as other female members. Both Wilson and Lloyd were previously in a band called JP5,EastVamps-02 who were “over-the-top power punk rockers.” I so need to check that band out! But, for now, I have the awesomely cool unsigned East Vamps, who have self-released an EP, Drunk By 6 (2009), and “are presently completing their new album Bring Out The Big Guns set for a mid 2013 release.”

So, here I am, again, raving about yet another Joan Jett-inspired rock band. I can’t help it. I love that influence. And, that influence is heard loudly on their debut EP over 8 tracks of garage rockin’ grrrl punk. “Damaged Goods”, “Easy”, “Temptation”, and, especially, “Good Gone Bad” are all powered by explosive Jett fuel, while “Drunk by 6” adds a taste of Louisiana spirits into the mix. But, then comes the real kicker, “Sucker”, which is a cover of Betty Blowtorch‘s “I Wanna Be Your Sucker”. How can I not love a Jett-inspired rock band that also covers Betty Blowtorch?

Watch East Vamps pay tribute to the late great Joey Ramone here:

EastVamps-03East Vamps Discography
2009 – Drunk By 6 [EP]
2013(?) – Bring Out The Big Guns [Album]

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