Silvermaker-01BSilvermaker was a female-fronted rock band from Brighton, England. They were was Annelies (vocals) and Ben Simon (drums), the primary songwriters, with session musicians filling out the rest of the band. Silvermaker played “well-crafted, dynamic songs” that were “fit for a stadium, with epic choruses and melodic verses.” They released only one album, Only the Best, in 2008.Silvermaker-02B Singer Annelies Van de Velde is a model/actress as well as a musician, and is, currently, fronting the electro/pop band KOVAK, who are “Britain’s answer to the Scissor Sisters.” Van de Velde has also performed, since 2004, in The Madonna Experience, which is a Madonna tribute act.

Only the Best (2008) is one of those albums that I downloaded and filed away in my music library without really listening to, but, a few months later, I listened again, and wondered what I had missed the first time. Silvermaker is also one of those bands that makes you wonder why they weren’t more well known. “Only the Best” and “Rock Star” were definitely great singles. Videos were produced for both, but, only the first is out there on YouTube. In “Rock Star”, Annelies sings: “I wanna be a rock star / Living it large / Can’t deny it’s the way I feel.” Silvermaker should have made her a (well known) rock star, but, it didn’t. And, her frustration is heard in two amazing acoustic rockers: “Nothing Ever Changes” and “Soul Destroying”. Other great tracks are “Pushing Me Over”, the heartfelt ballad “Little Sister”, and the classic hard rocker “Larger Than Life”. Hopefully, KOVAK will make Annelies larger than life this time.

Watch the video for “Only the Best” here:

And, watch Silvermaker perform “Larger Than Life” live here:

Silvermaker-03Silvermaker Discography
2008.03.18 – Only the Best (Renaissance) [Album]


Kovak-01KOVAK are Annelies Van de Velde (vocals), Karl Bray (guitars/synths/vocals), Darren Bray (drums/synths) and Jonny Scafidi (bass guitar). “Echoes of vintage Blondie disco,” is what the press says. Watch the video for their song “Killer Boots” here:

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