The Flipsides

Flipsides-01CFlipsides-02BThe Flipsides were a female-fronted pop/punk trio from San Francisco, CA, formed in late 1999. The band was Sabrina Stewart (vocals/guitar), Mark Bradin (bass/backup vocals) and Jim Lindsay (drums). After a self-released EP in 2000, they were signed to Pink and Black Records (a subsidiary of Fat Wreck Chords for female-fronted punk bands), and released their excellent debut full-length CD, Clever One, in 2002. The Flipsides are recommended if you like bands such as Fabulous Disaster (also on Pink and Black Records), The Eyeliners (who ended up on Joan Jett‘s Blackheart Records), The Skirts and The Randies. Sadly, after a line-up change (Mark and Jim left and were replaced) in 2004, The Flipsides called it quits. Sabrina Stewart released a solo EP, The Smoking Gun EP (featuring Mike Dirnt of Green Day on bass), in 2005; and is, currently, in a “Romantic Pop project” with producer Frankie Siragusa called Pearl Starbird.

Flipsides-05Clever One (2002) was a pristine blend of modern pop/punk and classic power pop packed with crunchy power chords, insanely addictive pop hooks, and somewhat cynical lyrics delivered by Sabrina Stewart’s sometimes snotty vocals.Flipsides-01 In “Two Weeks”, my favorite [dig that killer riff!] of 12 great tracks, Stewart sings about her new obsessive love: “These past two weeks / I’ve been thinking ’bout you / And all the things I wanna do with you / And all the great things I dig about you.” In “Clever One”, another fave [dig that insane hook!], she tries, in vain, to warn an obsessed friend, or herself: “He’s the one who makes you so tired / He’s the clever one in control / You’re getting stupid / I guess it’s hopeless now.” Other favorites are the Jellyfish-esque power popper “Tough Love” and the Green Day-ish pop/punker “60’s”. But, then there’s “Make It So”, and “Look Back”, and … damn, this is an awesome album! Why is Sabrina Stewart not a major rock star?!

No videos, so, listen to “Two Weeks” and “Clever One” here:

And, watch Sabrina Stewart performing live here:

Flipsides-09The Flipsides Discography
2000 – The Flipsides (self-released) [EP]
2002.07.30 – Clever One (Pink & Black Records) [Album]

Sabrina Stewart (solo) Discography
2005.07.15 – The Smoking Gun EP [EP]

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