Adalita-01AAdalita (Srsen) is an Australian rock musician born in Geelong, Victoria on February 25, 1971. She is best known as the former lead vocalist and guitarist of the alternative rock band Magic Dirt (who will have their own post eventually).Adalita-02 Adalita began recording her self-titled debut in 2009, at her friend and Magic Dirt bandmate Dean Turner‘s urging. However, on August 21, 2009, Turner died from a rare form of soft tissue cancer. The album was completed in 2010, but, not released until March 4, 2011. Magic Dirt released a final EP, White Boy, in 2009, but, since 2011, has been on hiatus. Adalita‘s latest solo album, All Day Venus, was released on September 20, 2013.

Australia has, so far, been unfairly represented on this blog considering the wealth of great rock music from that country. Perth’s DM3 [Dom Mariani is a genius of melody!] and Brisbane’s Powderfinger are two of my favorite Australian rock bands. But, both have disbanded, and, both were all dudes. Adalita, solo or with Magic Dirt, is definitely my favorite Australian rock chick. She is an awesomely talented singer, songwriter and guitarist, and she has such a beautiful name which her father gave to her after being inspired by a Spanish song.

Adalita-03Adalita-04Adalita‘s solo debut (2011) is like a dark acoustic set, but, with electric guitars. Huh? The arrangements are minimal, with mostly vocals and guitar, and, even though the songs were written before Dean Turner‘s death, the mood is heavy, somber. Adalita‘s love and concern for her friend, who suffered for nine years, is obvious and sincere, especially in “The Repairer” which was written when Turner became gravely ill. “Hot Air” and “Fool Around” are favorite tracks, but, “Perfection”, “Invite Me”, and “Good Girl” are achingly good, too. And, “Goin Down” is a bit more upbeat, than the others, and driven by this album’s coolest riff. An excellent solo debut.

Watch the videos for “Hot Air”, “The Repairer” and “Fool Around” here:

Adalita-06Adalita-05Adalita‘s recently released second album, All Day Venus (2013), is much louder, with a bigger, more distortion-heavy sound than her debut. The album was recorded at Melbourne’s renowned Birdland Studios with long-time Magic Dirt producer Lindsay Gravina. The songs, according to Adalita, are about her own personal growth after the end of a romantic relationship. “He Wrote” is the most poignant track (“We used to be so over the moon / And now we can’t even sit in a room”), but, “Blue Sky” and “Too Far Gone” are two of Adalita‘s best tracks, like, ever. “Annihilate Baby”, “I Want Your Love”, “Warm Like You”, “Trust Is Rust”, and “Heavy Cut” are more great tracks. All Day Venus is my favorite album of the week [I downloaded it on 10/17], and one of the best albums of 2013.

Watch the video for “Trust Is Rust” here:

And, watch Adalita & J Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr) perform “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” (originally by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks) live here:

Adalita-07BAdalita (solo) Discography
2010.11.27 – Hot Air (Liberation Music) [EP]
2011.03.04 – Adalita (Liberation Music) [Album]
2013.09.20 – All Day Venus (Liberation Music) [Album]

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