Cables-01Cables-02Cables is a mostly all-female punk band from just outside Oslo, Norway. Cables is Inger Anne Hellgren (vocals), Silje Dybedahl (guitar), Håvard Lunøe-Nielsen (guitar), Lene Vinje (bass), and Steffen Linnert (drums). Oh! My! God! This is yet another band whose albums have been sitting in my music library unappreciated until now! Cables began as an all-female foursome, but, were not “a wimpy girl band”. Their sound was (and still is) filled with “Joan Jett-sharp hooks, and a L7 charm”. The foursome released their debut album Same Places, Same Faces in 2009, but, a hiatus soon followed. Cables returned in 2012, with Hellgren and Dybedahl (from the original line-up) and three new members (from various other Norwegian rock bands like Cocktail Slippers, Upstrokes and Bloodlights). Their awesome second album Beat, Sweat, Heat was released in March 2013.

Cables-03BCables-05On Same Places, Same Faces (2009), Cables sound like a louder, punkier version of The Runaways, circa 1977 (when, on Waitin’ For the Night, Joan Jett took over lead vocals after Cherie Currie‘s departure). “Thousand Pieces”, “Same Places, Same Faces” and “I’ll Still Come Over” are the best of these punky rockers. But, the album has a few, more eclectic, tracks. “Perfect Neighbourhood” is an awesome ’50s rocker (similar to The Del Lords), while “One Night Johnny Came Home” is a badass surfabilly punker and “I’m Still Here” is an excellent acoustic ballad highlighted not only by Hellgren’s snotty rasp but her slight accent as well.

Watch the video for “Same Places, Same Faces” here:

Cables-06On Beat, Sweat, Heat (2013), Cables (minus two, plus three) continues to embrace its snotty punk meets The Runaways but, this time, adds a little bit of The Undertones into the mix as well. “Gimmie A Moment”, “Beat, Sweat, Heat” and “You Said It Was Me” are all excellent tracks. But, my favorite is “Everything” which is, arguably, this band’s best track of all. “Hfsvkl” is another pretty amazing track, too, whose last minute is awesome thanks to Hellgren’s fiery vocals. And, “You Doll” is cool melodic punk, straight-up, while “When We Were Young” recalls The Jam at their best. Cables is a pretty cool band, another hidden treasure for me, and you won’t be disappointed with either of their albums!

Watch the video for “You Said It Was Me” here:

Cables-04BCables Discography
2009 – Same Places, Same Faces [Album]
2013 – Beat, Sweat, Heat [Album]

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