Halestorm at HOB 12/10/13

Halestorm-02ALast night (December 10, 2013), Halestorm rocked the House of Blues Cleveland, despite not having a new release of original material since before they rocked that venue on September 4, 2012. But, Lzzy Hale said that the band was taking a break to record a new album, which she promised for 2014. Good enough for me!

It was cold in Cleveland last night, but, not for long …

Halestorm opened their set with their Grammy Award winning sleaze rocker “Love Bites (So Do I)”, then proceeded to kick out their best harder rocking tracks, like “Mz. Hyde”, “It’s Not You”, “Freak Like Me”, “Daughters of Darkness”, “Rock Show, “I Get Off”, and more. The set also included a few choice covers, too, like Fleetwood Mac‘s “Gold Dust Woman” [from Halestorm‘s recent covers EP] and Dio‘s “Straight Through the Heart”. The band slowed down only for “Break In” [with Lzzy solo, on piano] and “Familiar Taste of Poison”; and, for the encore, Halestorm delivered, all in a row: “Get Lucky” [a Daft Punk cover from the recent EP], “I Miss the Misery” [which can be heard, currently, in a Bud Light commercial], and, the perfect closer “Here’s To Us” [which was co-written by Danielle Brisebois and covered on the Fox TV series Glee!]. The set list wasn’t very much different than last year, but, it didn’t matter!

Lzzy Hale, of course, looked amazing! In candid shots, Lzzy is adorable, but, on stage, she is sexy hot! And, last night, Lzzy was blazing, dressed in a black leather miniskirt and fishnets, slinging a six-string, and belting out stunning vocals with the best female voice in all of hard rock and heavy metal! Lzzy Hale is an amazingly talented artist, for sure, but, I make no apologies for thinking she’s rock star gorgeous, too! I love how, when she sings, she sometimes opens her heavily mascaraed eyes wide – it’s both sexy and kind of scary! And, I loved, in “Mz. Hyde”, when Lzzy sang the line, “It’s me, Lzzy, I swear!” But, I love that line on the record, too!

Halestorm is an amazing live band, and, last night’s set showed, once again, that Lzzy Hale rocks as hard as any of her male counterparts. However, I would love to hear more of Halestorm‘s “softer” tracks performed live, such as the steamy power ballad “Bet U Wish U Had Me Back”, or the heart-on-her-sleeve pop/rockers “Beautiful With You” and “In Your Room”. In “Beautiful With You”, Lzzy sings: “I bare my soul and I’m not afraid.” Prove it! Well, maybe next year!

Stars In Stereo, a female-fronted Paramore-esque band, opened the show, and, they were a wonderful surprise! Today, I played their self-titled debut album (2013) on my iPod all day! I thought that I had never heard of this band before the show, but, as it turns out, I actually had their album in my music library! I download a lot of new music (especially by female artists), and sometimes I don’t get a chance to listen to all of it, before I move on to something else, newer. Stars In Stereo‘s album was one of those that kind of just fell through the cracks! And, now, I’ve learned that frontwoman Bec Hollcraft is BECCA, an American singer/songwriter who had success in Japan. I have all of her albums, too (including her amazing collaboration with Japanese pop/R&B duo BENNIE K)! So, a full post on Stars In Stereo is currently in the works!

Redlight King, a Canadian alt-rock band fronted by Mark “Kazzer” Kasprzyk, followed Stars On Stereo. They kicked ass live especially on songs like “Devil’s Dance” and “City Life”, and, I’ll definitely be checking into this band a little more.

Anyway, I’m already looking forward to Halestorm in 2014!


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