Moxy and the Influence

Moxy-01Moxy and the Influence are a fresh young ’80s-influenced hard rock band from Costa Mesa, CA, started in 2013. They are Moxy Anne (vocals, age 16), Sydney Ellen (guitar, age 18), Carly Wassserman (bass, age 17), and Ignacio Barrientos (drums, age 20). They say: “High energy Rock and Roll, best when played at full volume.” Their influences include Motley Crue, Paramore, Evanescence, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Pat Benatar, and Halestorm. Yeah, Halestorm (who I just saw on Tuesday night)!

A visitor (Amber) to this blog suggested that I check ths band out. I did, and now, I’m hooked! I think I hear The Donnas for a whole new generation! Well, 3 Donnas and a dude! They only have six songs available through Bandcamp, so, go help these kids out. Buy their songs, and, hopefully, Moxy and the Influence will be releasing their debut album soon. Their official website says: “They might just melt your face, but it will be a great and glorious death.” It will, in deed.

Listen to “Piece of My Heart” [my favorite track!] here:

Now, I am LOVING the studio version of this song:

The more I listen to those two tracks, both ballads, the more I hear that Evanescence influence, while tracks like “Take Me Down” and “Tear Down These Walls” really kick out that ’80s-influenced hard rock.

Watch the band perform Joan Jett‘s “I Hate Myself For Loving You” here:

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  1. I’d like to send you a pre-release of a Moxy and The Influence new song via email – if you can send me your email address I’ll get it out to you right away.

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