LBD – The Devil’s Bounty Hunters (12/9/13)

LBD-06ALBD-07UK Gothic/punk band Lesbian Bed Death‘s 4th album was released on December 9, 2013, with funding by fans via PledgeMusic. Fan funding is awesome. Record labels suck. The band, currently, is a trio comprised of Kittie Racchea (vocals), Mr.Peach (guitar) and Chuckmaster C (guitar).

OK, first, I love this album’s title and the cover artwork! The only thing missing is the graphic novel! Second, I love this album! Lesbian Bed Death gets better with every release! I loved their previous album, Riot of the Living Dead (2012), and, The Devil’s Bounty Hunters delivers more of the same hard rocking riffs, catchy hooks, and Kittie‘s sexy powerful vocals (which often sound akin, here, to Shirley Manson of Garbage).

“Broken” is the best track on this album, and, my favorite song of the week, but, “Ghost in the Mirror” is the next best track. Both of these crunchy anthems should be in heavy rotation on alternative rock radio. “Drained By Love”, “The Day Becomes the Night”, and “Skin Crawler” are other excellent energetic rockers, while “Damage the Sound” is an uncharacteristic acoustic ballad that showcases Kittie‘s pipes (but, it would have been better placed as the last track). Finally, the very cool “Lonely Assassins” was inspired by the Weeping Angels, an ancient race of aliens from the long-running Doctor Who series. The Weeping Angels turn to stone when observed by another being including another of their own, which makes them a very lonely race.

The Devil’s Bounty Hunters is another excellent release from a very cool band!

No videos yet, so watch this one for “Rockabilly Bitch”:

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