Bloody Benders

BloodyBenders-05Bloody Benders are an all-female horror punk band from Mexico City, Mexico. They are Taty Bloody Batty (vocals), Andrea Vamp (guitar), Mari Bender (bass), and Angy Bender (drums). The band’s name is taken from the Bloody Benders, a family (John Bender, his wife, son and daughter) of serial killers who owned an inn and small general store in Kansas and killed at least 11 people from from 1871 to 1873.

They say: “We are four mexican girls in a horror rock band, with punk distortions and attitude, creepy guitar riffs, bat shouts, horror movies characters, burlesque sexy girls and zombies dancers… we just want to eat your brain and your heart. Are you ready for this musical massacre?” I say: “Me encantan estas chicas!!”

BloodyBenders-04Their debut album, Sex Blood & Rock ‘N’ Roll (2013), kicks out 10 deliciously tasty bits of garage punk in 26 minutes that would make Mexico City’s own Las Ultrasónicas proud! I mean just look at that album cover! The art seems to be inspired by the work of Dan Mendoza (creator of the Zombie Tramp comic). Love it!

BloodyBenders-06“Bloody Benders” tells the story of the band’s namesake (“This is the story of an ideal family / The portrait of that American family / Mom, Dad and two kids”), while “Nightmare on the Elm Street” tells of a cinematic serial killer using the film’s unsettling nursery rhyme (“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you / Three, four, better lock your doors”). The first single “I Eat Your Brain” opens with a very Nirvana-like intro before breaking into Misfits-like punk, while the fuzzy garage rocker “Bebimos en la Calle” (one of three Spanish-language tracks), with its semi-spoken lyrics, is the most Las Ultrasónicas-esque. Other awesome tracks are “Planet Terror” (not inspired by my favorite Robert Rodriguez movie – unless I missed the giant spiders, and Godzilla!), the spaghetti western-ish “A Bite in My Heart”, and the ska-tinged “Monstruos y Difuntos”. Bloody Benders are definitely the best horror punk band I’ve heard in some time!

Watch the B-movie inspired video for “I Eat Your Brain” here:


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