TV Tramps


TV Tramps is female-fronted punk band from Asbury Park, NJ. They are Joy Vay (vocals, rythym guitar), Brian Sugent (lead guitar), Brendan Lemeune (bass), and Matt Guzda (drums). They play “original rock n roll influenced by 1977 punk rock and rockabilly.” They sound like X-Ray Spex, The Damned, The Saints, The Dead Boys, Vice Squad, and Bad Brains.”

TV Tramps is recommended if you like The Objex, and, not just because both front women are African-American – but, that is kinda cool!

Their debut album, Rip It Up (2014), delivers nine pogo-worthy punkers in just under thirty minutes! “Vampires” and “No Ransom” kick out that rockabilly sound without forsaking the punk rock. The latter, in particular, is driven by that “chunka-chunka” rockabilly riff that I love, but, the former is my favorite track. Other cool tracks are “Rip It Up”, “Baby Girl” and “Keep Your Mouth Shut”. Love this album!

Watch TV Tramps perform “Keep Your Mouth Shut” live here:

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