Blare N. Bitch Rocks My World!

My Heart Explodes

BettyBlowtorch-02BJudy Molish, Bianca Butthole, Blare N. Bitch, Sharon Needles

Blare N. Bitch is a guitarist from Los Angeles, CA, by way of NYC, who is best known for being a founding member of the all-female hard rock band Betty Blowtorch. I mentioned two of Blare‘s other projects in a recent post, and, have since been on a reinvigorated Bitch kick. I’m not a musician, so I can’t talk about Blare‘s (left-handed) six-string skills, but, I can talk about Betty Blowtorch (who are one of my favorite bands), and, some of the other cool projects this legendary rock chick has been involved with since that band’s untimely demise.

Betty Blowtorch was formed in 1998 by Blare N. Bitch (lead guitar), Bianca Butthole (vocals, bass) and Sharon Needles (rhythm guitar, vocals), who were formerly members of the vulgar punk band Butt Trumpet. The original band’s line-up…

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