Love, Dollyrots Style

My Heart Explodes


The Dollyrots are Kelly Ogden (vocals, bass) and Luis Cabezas (guitar, vocals). They recently released their first child together, River. They also released their 5th album, Barefoot and Pregnant (2014), via a PledgeMusic fan funding campaign, and, it’s another fine collection of insanely addictive pop/punk. My favorite album is still A Little Messed Up (2010), but, only by a margin over the others. During the production of the latest album, the band released, for the pledgers, Love Songs, Werewolves & Zombies (2013), a collection of original acoustic songs with lyrics inspired by fan suggestions. I’ve been listening to that album all day at work (on a Saturday!), and, I’ve pressed repeat way too many times on two songs, both love songs, done Dollyrots style.

The first song, “Anarchy and Disney”, is about a love between two seemingly incompatible types: a punk rock boy (“I watch bands play at the bar …”) and a Disney-loving girl (“… while…

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