The Distillers, Brody & Lauren

My Heart Explodes

I love The Distillers. “Hall of Mirrors” (from 2003’s Coral Fang) is my favorite song by that great band. Brody Dalle‘s gravelly voice, in that song, is filled with intense anger, which was obviously directed at her then recent ex-husband Rancid‘s Tim Armstrong. “I come down like a hurricane sucked up inisde and I spit out the suffer, yeah,” she snarls, in the first verse, but, then, in the second verse, she spits out that suffer with a vengeance: “I come down like a bloody rain cuts up flesh sky, pulse beating under, yeah / Meat petals bloom in a bone garden / Aint no God, no ghost gonna save you now …”

Oh, just listen to that brilliant song here …

Anyway, the other day, I stumbled upon this video …

This is Lauren Wakefield. She’s a young “singer/songwriter/guitarist from Brooklyn, NY, misplaced in Sacramento, CA.”

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