“Holy Sh*t It’s… Grim Dylan!”

My Heart Explodes

GrimDylan-01Ro, Suki, Vicki

Holy sh*t it’s another amazing (unsigned) all-female rock band from the UK! Grim Dylan is a trio from Derbyshire who play “punk/grunge/riot grrrl at it’s best!” They are Suki (vocals/bass), Vicky (guitar), and Ro (drums). Grim Dylan‘s many influences include great bands like The Gits, L7, Nirvana, Otep, Killola, The DistillersJoan Jett, and more. The DIY band’s 3-song EP Holy Sh*t It’s… Grim Dylan (2011) is available to download, for free, from their ReverbNation page, and, it’s a fine introduction to Grim Dylan‘s grungy riot grrrl punk for a new generation, so, get it now, right here. “You’re Not”, which adds a bit of a Green Day influence into the mix, is my favorite, followed by “I’d Like A Moat Too, Please (Cuts)”. You can also listen to snippets of 6 (of 10) rough recordings from…

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