Back Alley Barbers

My Heart Explodes

Back_Alley_Barbers_Sara_02Queen Pirate (aka Sara Linkof) of Back Alley Barbers

From life’s dark corners and gritty back alleys comes this musical love child of Johnny Cash, The Necromantix and Etta James! With the sounds of a Quentin Tarantino movie, the vocals to haunt your soul, and the looks of The Devils Rejects!!! The Back Alley Barbers are sure to get you on your feet and stop your heart!

Back Alley Barbers are female-fronted rock/psychobilly/rockabilly band from the Portland, OR, area. They are Queen Pirate aka Sara Linkof(“Vocals, Effective Leadership, Throat-Punches”),Corvin Blacke(“Upright Bass, Backing Vocals, Malevolent Glowering”),Dead End Johnny Robinson(“All Guitar, Backing Vocals, Sunny Disposition”), and Phil Degennaro(“Hitting Things, General Deviance”).Back Alley Barbers‘ deliciously dark blend of punk, rockabilly and horror is fueled by the powerful pipes of the band’s sexy, heavily-tattooed frontwoman which have the power to steal your…

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