Meet The Venomous Pinks

My Heart Explodes


The Venomous Pinks are an all-girl punk trio hailing from Phoenix, AZ. They are Drea Doll (guitar/vocals), Gaby Kaos (guitar/bass/vocals) and Jewlz (drums/vocals). The Venomous Pinks, they say, are “influenced by Joan Jett and The Ramones“. I say they sound like The Runaways (circa 1977) meet The Donnas (circa 1999) fronted by Brody Dalle (circa 2003). They recently released their 2nd EP Exes & Whoas! (featuring guest vocals by Roger Miret of Agnostic Front on 2 tracks) and are currently my new favorite band of the week!

The Venomous Pinks‘ debut EP Three In the Pink was released in 2013, and features 5 great tracks that mix hard rock with punk. “Fight Tonight” and “Leather” sound like they’re straight off The Donnas‘ Get Skintight (1999), while “Don’t Look Back” recalls (less sludgy) Paranoid-era Black Sabbath, “Mantis” kicks out classic hardcore, and “No Rules” rocks…

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