Meet The Atomic Aces

My Heart Explodes


The Atomic Aces are “Nor-Cal punk rockers” who kick out “punk & rockabilly with a twist of macabre.”The Atomic Aces, from Santa Cruz, are fronted by Miss Mercy, former guitarist for The Formaldebrides – wait, what? Former guitarist? Her pipes will make you wonder why she wasn’t that band’s frontwoman! She is joined by Austin Corona (lead guitar), Wolfman Grimm (upright bass), Johnny Eckenrode (rhythm guitar), and Salvi Syko (drums). They cite as influences The Cramps, The Misfits, Social Distortion, and The HorrorPops, as well as Joan Jett and Courtney Love. Rockabilly. Punk. Psychobilly. It’s all there!


The Atomic Aces‘ debut full-length Bettie’s Rage (2011) starts off easy [side one?] with straight-up rockabilly in cool tracks like “Rockabilly Burnout”, “She-Devil in Disguise”, the ’50s-esque ballad “You Really Went Cold On Me”, and even the misnomer “Psychobilly Rock”. But…

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