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Turbulent-Hearts-photo-3Turbulent Hearts

A few weeks ago, punk rocker Suzi Moon contacted me in regards to a post I did about her former band Civet. Civet was an L.A.-based punk band formed by Suzi Moon on guitar and her sister Liza Graves on vocals/guitar. They released two amazing albums, Hell Hath No Fury (2008) and Love & War (2011), on Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong‘s label Hellcat Records“Love & War” by Civet and “Hall of Mirrors” by The Distillers are two of my all-time favorite songs by female-fronted punk bands. However, Civet is currently on hiatus, so Suzi contacted me to let me know about her latest band, Turbulent Hearts. They are Suzi Moon (vocals/guitar), Easy Lou Jones (guitar/vocals), Mark Johnson (bass/vocals), and Jay Skowronek (drums). Suzi wanted to send me Turbulent Hearts‘ debut EP, and I just received a package from her the other day…

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