Who is Cherokee Fortune?

My Heart Explodes

CherokeeFortune-03Cherokee Fortune

Who is Cherokee Fortune and where has she been all my life? Well, Cherokee Fortune is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. She’s a solo artist as well as the vocalist for all-female rock band ABSINTHE … wait, what? Who is ABSINTHE and where have they been all my life? First things first …

I found Cherokee Fortune via her recent single, “Not The Same”. The bluesy Led Zeppelin-esque retro-’70s rocker was co-written with the amazing Richie Kotzen [currently with The Winery Dogs]. Kotzen also plays guitar on the track, and, his influence and signature sound is unmistakable. Listen to “Not The Same” here …

Fucking awesome! Fortune recently started production on a video for the song. I can’t wait. I hope a full album is in the works, too! If it is, I will buy it on the day it’s released without even thinking twice! She’s that good. Now…

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