The main purpose of this blog is for me, a dude, to write about all the amazingly talented chicks who rock. Simple. I listen to a lot of rock music (mostly punk, alternative, hard rock, metal, etc.) and I seem to gravitate towards mostly female-fronted or all-female bands and female solo artists. Rock chicks are my main focus,Me-Gaby-01 but sometimes I stumble upon cool female artists from other genres (like pop, R&B, country, etc.) too. If you follow this blog, you will begin to notice that I could have called it “Rock Chicks Rule The World!” I listen to and love female artists from all over the globe. This blog will focus, mostly, on artists from English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc), but, I’ll add favorites from Spain, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc), and Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, the Philippines, etc). Yes, I am a guy and, as such, I love beautiful girls, but rest assured that the artists I write about on this blog are more than just pretty faces. They’re talented women, first and foremost. And, my hope, for this blog, as the blogger, is that you, as the reader, will discover an artist that you’ve never heard before and begin to love them as much as I do. Comments are encouraged. Maybe my daughter Gabrielle, pictured with me, is a future rock chick!

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    • I definitely love your band, so, I’ll do a post soon. South Africa isn’t fairly represented on Rock Chicks Rule even though I have albums from a few really cool SA bands in my music library. Chris

  1. Ommmmg….Scody…all this time, I thought you were a chick until you changed your gravatar. LoL other day I saw a My Heart Explodes” post with your new pic and I.was like “hummmm? Weird!” Hahaaa…sorry if I posted any chickish comments in the past :/ Finally went to your “about” page and see you are no chick at all, but actually a nice looking “dude.” Damn internet! Hahaaaa….

    • Thanks! The new song sounds great! I’ve been meaning to do a revised post on Vanity Theft on my new blog [My Heart Explodes] as I’ve done with other favorites from this blog. Now I’ll have to fasttrack that post to share my anticipation for the Kerchief album! Thanks again.

  2. Hello, may I recommend you a couple of bands?
    Eruca Sativa, from Argentina. Power trio with female bassist, female guitars/vocals, and male drummer.

    They have 3 álbums (La Carne 2008, ES 2010, and Blanco 2012) and one live dvd/cd semiacoustic with self-covers (Huellas Digitales, 2014). I believe you can find them all on youtube.
    Another band from Argentina I would like to recommend you is “Connor Questa” (Ex- “Marilina Connor Questa”) They broke up a few weeks ago, but they were really good. 2 albums (“Somos por partes”, and “Fuego al universo”) availables on youtube too, I think.

    The singers from those bands are sisters, that’s how i met them hahah

    Hope you like them.

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