Grrrl Gunge: Grim Dylan & Diamond Doll

My Heart Explodes

Grim-Dylan-01BSuki Celeste of Grim Dylan

Early last year, I did a brief post about the UK-based all-female grunge trio Grim Dylan in anticipation of their (then) upcoming debut album. A few weeks ago, Grim Dylan kindly informed me that the debut album, Cyclone, was available (since December 12). So, I downloaded it immediately. I loved the album on first listen, and had planned on doing a post. However, at the time, I was immersed in other obsessions, so I set Grim Dylan on the shelf for a later date. Then, the other day, I stumbled upon a female-fronted grunge-esque band from New Zealand called Diamond Doll. So, I took Grim Dylan off the shelf, and here I am ready to shout out loud about both bands!

Grim Dylan, from the Midlands, UK (Derbyshire), is Suki Celeste on vocals/bass, Vicky Bandit on guitar, and Ro McSkimming on drums. Grim Dylan mixes grunge…

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