Liza Li

LizaLi-01Liza Li is a German solo pop/rock singer. She was born Liza Wilke on March 30, 1988 in Düsseldorf. Liza Li’s one and only album, to date, 18, was released in 2006, when she was, in fact, 18. Liza worked as a presenter (VJ) on VIVA Germany in 2007-08.LizaLi-03 VIVA is a German-language music television channel, currently owned by MTV Networks. Liza hosted the shows Straßencharts, VIVA Top 20 and VIVA Top 100. She also appeared in the pages and on the cover of the April 2008 issue of German Playboy. She reminds me of Isabell Schmidt. Of course, maybe it’s just the hat. Anyway, in 2010, Liza Li was a contestant on the German version of the American reality TV game show Solitary, in which the participants had to spend 10 days in solitary confinement. Liza didn’t win.

Liza Li’s album, 18 (2006), is an awesome mix of pop, rock, and punk, with catchy hooks and Li’s, mostly, snotty vocals. All the songs were written and produced by Thorsten Börger who has written songs for other German artists such as Tic Tac Toe and Falco. Liza Li, on 18, is kind of comparable, I think, to Isabell Schmidt, but punkier. Of course, maybe it’s just the hat.LizaLi-04 The first single, “Ich Könnte Dich Erschießen”, and the third single, “Zum Glück Mach Liebe Blind”, are punky pop/rockers. Other punky pop/rockers are “Liza Li”, “Ihr Armen Reichen”, “Montag”, and the punkiest track of all, “Doktor Doktor”. The second single, “Sterben”, is a ballad in which Liza drops her snotty vocal delivery for melodic singing. She does the same on two other, even better, ballads, “Ich Will” and the Die Happy-esque “Komm Zurück”. Elsewhere, on 18, “Hörst du Mich” is a folky acoustic rocker, “Im Namen Gottes” is an alternative rocker, and “Sex”, my least favorite track, is the closest Liza Li gets to pop. Sadly, Liza Li’s official videos are nowhere to be found on Youtube, so, instead, watch this video of “Zum Glück Mach Liebe Blind” here:

LizaLi-02Liza Li Discography
2006.12.01 – 18 [Album]

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