Suzi Rawn

suzi-02BSuzi Rawn is a Canadian pop/rock singer born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, but currently based in Kamloops, British Columbia. Suzi was a 4th place finalist on season three of Canadian Idol in 2005. After that show, she hooked up with Canadian melodic rock band Harem Scarem,suzi-05B and the result was Suzi’s amazing album Naked released in 2006. Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance, of Harem Scarem, produced and wrote or co-wrote songs for the album. In addition, Harem Scarem backed Suzi on every song, so this release is, in effect, a female-fronted version of that great band.

Naked is a near perfect pop/rock album, with hard rocking beats, great melodies and emotional lyrics. Every song was a possible hit single, but, the album was barely promoted. In “Bet U Like Me”, the peppy first single, Suzi warns the guy who dumped her: “Oh, oh, oh, gonna take you under / Blow your cover / This ain’t over.” But, in the title track, she misses him (you know, assuming it’s the same guy): “Cause I’m naked without you around / You cover up the emptiness when I’m filled with doubt.” And, in “Overrated”, she tries to convince him that the grass isn’t always greener: “It’s overrated / It’s not worth chasin’ / Don’t you know that / You’ll love to love it and then you’ll hate it.”Suzi- Naked Then, she promises: “But I will pull you back to me.” But, my favorite track is the affecting “Raw”, in which Suzi’s hurt, vulnerable: “I’m wide open now / Been so damned broken down.” But, she doesn’t want to be alone: “Baby put your fingerprint on me / Tattoo me / While I’m raw.” In “Broken”, she wonders: “What have I done? / What did I say? / To make you turn and walk away.” Then proclaims, “I’m not broken.” Elsewhere, “It Was You” sounds like Kelly Clarkson if she rocked harder, while “Sorry For You” sounds like Daughtry rocking hard enough. Finally, “Don’t Leave Me” and “Understand You” are two songs that appeared previously on Harem Scarem‘s CD, Overload (2005). And, as much as I love Harry Hess, “Don’t Leave Me” sounds way better with Suzi Rawn singing it. Watch the video for “Bet U Like Me” here:

suzi-03BSuzi Rawn (Solo) Discography
2002 – On My Own [Album]
2006 – Naked [Album]
2012 – From This Time Forward [Album]

Suzi Rawn (with King Size Suzi) Discography
2004 – Green Eyed Monster [Album]
2005 – Because of Love [Album]
2006 – Because of Love II [Album]

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